Michigan Stadium Security to Remain Vigilant

Security will remain tight for Saturday's game against Illinois. UM officials ask fans not to bring in items that might arouse suspicion and they say to allow extra time to get to your seat.

University of Michigan Safety officials aren't letting their guard down.

Though the events of Sept. 11 are weeks past, they remain fresh in the minds of UM public safety officials who say fans should expect that the extra security they saw at the UM game against Western Michigan will stay.

Those attending were "extremely cooperative" with the heightened security at Michigan stadium, including the limited searches of personal belongings, according to Diane Brown, a UM Public Safety Department spokesperson.

"We are very pleased with how smoothly things went Saturday," says Brown.

No incidents relating to security occurred  and fans passed through the security checks at the gates easily, according to Brown. 

"They even expressed how appreciative they were for the extra measures that were taken. They were going out of their way to thank the officers," Brown says.

Michigan added additional officers from several of the agencies that normally assist with security and crowd control, including Ann Arbor and Michigan State police.

If you leave to visit the concessions, keep your ticket handy: UM Security will be checking the tickets as you return. You'll have to find a new way to balance the sausages, drinks and nachos in one hand so you can show your ticket.



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