Ouimet's Top 25 (week 7)

Does Michigan rise in Ouimet's eyes? The AP Poll raised Michigan from #11 to #9, while The Coaches Poll actually dropped the Wolverines from #10 to #11. Where does former Michigan staffer Mark Ouimet rank 'em this week?

1. Oklahoma – The Sooners are headed on the road for the first time since the Alabama game against Iowa State this week. Look for another outstanding defensive outing and a great output from QB Jason White as the head into Big 12 play this week.

2. Miami (Fl) – Canes will have another good week and should be able to put some stats on the board against West Virginia. Look for a great outing for both QB Brock Berlin and RB Frank Gore this week as the Hurricanes should win in a blowout.

3. Ohio State – RB Maurice Hall had another good output for Ohio State, but the offense must continue to get better and help the defense stay off the field. The defense is leading the way for the Buckeyes and will need another good outing this week against the Badgers on the road to win again.

4. Virginia Tech – Playing Beamer ball and winning is how it is done in Blacksburg. With an interception, kickoff, and a punt blocked for a touchdown the Hokies are well on their way in making a run for the national championship. This run of course must go through the Hurricanes and the Hokies hopefully won't look past anyone else on the way. This week shouldn't be any different with an easy victory against Rutgers coming soon on the road.

5. Florida State – Another big game for QB Chris Rix against Duke and a bye this week to get prepared for the Hurricanes at home in two weeks. The date with Miami will be one of the biggest hurdles to get onto the road to New Orleans.

6. LSU – A good solid offense with a great defense to go with that, which is why we witnessed another blowout win by the Tigers. With WR Michael Clayton leading the way this team will keep improving as they have a bye for Florida in two weeks.

7. Tennessee – The Vols escape with one against a Lou Holtz team at home in Knoxville, but better be ready has they travel to Auburn. QB Casey Clausen better come with his best, because the Tigers are going to bring a tough defense into this game. Could we see another upset in the making?

8. Georgia – Can Coach Richt and QB David Greene answer the call this week against a struggling Alabama? The Tide will come fighting for a win, so this game should be a tough defensive game.

9. Nebraska – The Cornhuskers and QB Jammal Lord answered the call on the road. They are playing well and good sound team defense, which will handle Troy State this week and get a rest before they play Missouri next week.

10. Arkansas – They just keep winning and RB Cedric Cobbs is now in the Heisman race. A great win on the road at Alabama and now have a bye this week to rest up before they host Auburn in two weeks. Watch out for the Razorbacks, because they are playing well as a team and just keep fighting to get those wins.

11. USC – A tough loss on the road to the Bears and it isn't going to get easier on the road this week at Arizona State. We are going to find out about the character of this team and see if they can bounce back right away or keep fading right out of the PAC Ten race. Look for QB Matt Leinart to deliver a victory on the road and get back on track.

12. Michigan – A win after at home against the Hoosiers, but a tough road game at Iowa. The Wolverines will be in for a fight and need Special Teams to perform to high standards this week in Iowa City or the Wolverines will be looking at a long uphill battle. The best Special Teams this Saturday will win this game!

13. Texas – A big date in the Big 12 with Kansas State headed to Austin to play the Longhorns. The defense needs to step it up and keep QB Ell Roberson in check. The need to control the ball and no turnovers against this team. WR Roy Williams could make or break himself for the Heisman in this game.

14. Kansas State – A tough home loss against Marshall two weeks ago, but with QB Ell Roberson coming back they might be able to pull an upset on the road in Austin, Texas. For this upset to happen the defense has to have an absolute perfect performance and the offense must win the time of possession. Should be a great football game!

15. Pittsburgh – A great win on the road in College Station against the Aggies. WR Larry Fitzgerald and QB Rod Rutherford are both having outstanding seasons. These two might be the best duo in college football and with a bye this week they get to rest their horses while preparing for a bad Notre Dame team in two weeks.

16. Purdue – Another great team effort at home against the Irish and the defense has played well in the last three games. Look for another victory at home against Illinois and will continue to make a run at the Big 10 Championship.

17. Florida – A tough road win at Kentucky, but everyone must remember that the Gators have two losses to Miami and Tennessee so let's not give up on Coach Zook just yet. With QB Chris Leak now starting and Mississippi coming to town he should be able to deliver another victory.

18. Washington – A good duo performance from QB Cody Pickett and WR Reggie Williams this past week against Stanford. The Huskies seem to be back on track with the only loss to Ohio State this season. Look for another victory against an average UCLA team on the road and the Huskies might be able to make a run at the PAC Ten Championship if the defense can hold up.

19. Washington State – A huge blowout victory against the Ducks this week gets them into the top 25. They played an outstanding game on the road and took the Oregon crowd out of the game immediately. Look for another blowout victory against Wildcat team minus their head Coach who went packing this weekend.

20. Iowa – A tough road loss this past week to Michigan State. This is a must win at home and a big game in the Big 10. RB Fred Russell must get on track out of the gate against the Wolverines and if the Special Teams are at its best the Hawkeye's will give the Wolverines some fits in the corn pastures of Iowa.

21. Oregon – A slow start and a blow out loss brings the Ducks back to the bottom of the Top 25. It is going to get easier with a road date with a tough Utah team, so the offense needs to show up like it did against Michigan. This will be a great Friday night game!

22. Northern Illinois – They have beaten Maryland, Alabama, and Iowa State with two coming on the road. RB Michael Turner is having and outstanding season and watch out for this team in the MAC with Coach Novak leading this team all the way to the championship.

23. North Carolina State – Another good victory for the Wolfpack against North Carolina and now travel to Atlanta to play Georgia Tech. QB Philip Rivers is having an outstanding year with 12 Touchdowns and is probably the leader in the Heisman race, so stayed tuned to find out if they can continue the success after two back to back losses earlier in the year.

24. TCU – Barely escaped a win against a bad Arizona team, so they have dropped in the poll. They host Army this week and should be able to muster more of an offense effort this week and continue to be undefeated.

25. Minnesota – The Gophers are in with an undefeated team going to Northwestern this week. Some might ask why so long or such a low rating and the answer is very simple. Tulsa, Troy State, Ohio, La-Lafayette, and Penn State. The only team that is half way decent is Penn State and they won on the road, but stay tuned this stay could be short lived.

Oregon State – Back to Back wins against Boise State and Arizona State, so watch out for the Beavers in the PAC Ten race as they try to make a run at it with Heisman hopeful QB Derek Anderson this week at California.

Virginia – A tough loss a few weeks ago to South Carolina without QB Matt Schaub, but watch out for this team after a big win against Wake Forest. If they can find a way to win the next two weeks against North Carolina and Clemson they will be back into the Top 25.

Wake Forest – A rough three weeks with two of them being losses to Purdue and Virginia. The bye is coming at the right time and will have two weeks to prepare for Georgia Tech. It will be interesting to see if this team can bounce back with a victory again after a loss.

Michigan State – A great victory at home against Iowa they might be headed for the Top 25 soon while they host Indiana this week. A tough loss to Louisiana Tech still keeps them out, so let's see how things shape out in the next two weeks with the Spartans and QB Jeff Smoker.

Wisconsin – A tough loss to UNLV a few weeks ago keeps this team out of the Top 25, but keep an eye on the Badgers as we move into the Big Ten part of the season. They are always looking for an upset somewhere on the schedule!

Louisville – They have beaten Kentucky and Syracuse so far this season with another victory this week against Temple. They are on the road this week at South Florida, so RB Eric Shelton needs to continue the strong running game and deliver another victory for the Cardinals. Syracuse – With the only loss coming to Louisville and a bye this week to prepare for Virginia Tech in two weeks. If they can pull that upset they will be in the Top 25, which isn't out of the question with RB Walter Reyes in the backfield.

Air Force – They continue to win with an outstanding offensive unit at BYU this past week. They now travel to Navy, so keep your eye on this team as they make a run at the Top 25.

Oklahoma State – Look for another big victory this week against La-Lafayette this week and a very big day for Mr. Woods. They keep winning and play Kansas State in two weeks, so if Coach Miles can keep them focused we might see them in the Top 25 soon!

Missouri – A bad loss to Kansas on the road this week and with a bye this week it is a must win in two weeks against Nebraska to get back into the Big 12 championship race.

Miami (Oh) - This might be the best team in the MAC with the lone loss coming to Iowa and a great win against Cincinnati this past weekend. Watch out for QB Ben Roethisberger as he is putting up Heisman numbers this year and is the best pro Quarterback in the country.

Bowling Green – With the only loss to Ohio State keep an eye on this team and QB Josh Harris as they try to put back to back weeks against CMU and WMU.

Utah – If they could pull the upset this week against Oregon they will make a serious run at the Top 25. Don't rule this team out yet, because at home the Utes could always pull out a victory with this spread offense.

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