Will Mike D'Andrea Wear the Maize and Blue?

Super linebacker Mike D'Andrea talks about his favorites, if he has a leader, who's responsible for his development and which linebacker he admired growing up in Ohio.

LB Mike D'Andrea 6-3 240 4.49 Avon Lake, Ohio

Almost every college recruiter I've spoken with says Mike D'Andrea is the prototypical inside linebacker and perhaps the best defensive prospect in the nation. D'Andrea is a legit 6-foot-3 and 240 pounds. Throw in a personal best, 4.49 forty yard dash and its easy to see why more than 40 schools have offered a scholarship.

D'Andrea says his calling as a linebacker goes all the way back when he was started playing football in the sixth grade.

"I started playing football with my buddies at North Ridgeville in the sixth grade." D'Andrea said. "I knew I always wanted to be a linebacker. Chris Spielman was my hero. I've always admired the way he played the game."

A prospect with Mike D'Andrea's size and speed only comes along every so often and Mike has someone to thank for his development.

"I owe a lot of what I've become to my personal trainer, Cory Cunningham. We've been working for a long time together. I feel that everyone can have great size and speed. Everyone has it. Not everyone can or wants to develop it."

When speaking with Mike D'Andrea you feel like you're talking with a straight shooter who knows what he wants and what he's looking for. He could be like many of the nations super blue chip prospects and still have 20 schools on his list. Not D'Andrea. Mike has narrowed his list to four schools.

"I like Michigan, Ohio State, Nebraska and Notre Dame." D'Andrea said. "Those schools in no order. I've read stories that Michigan was leading and I've read stories that Ohio State was leading. I don't have a leader. I'm going to take my visits and make a decision."

My guess is that when Mike D'Andrea makes his decision. There won't be a press conference. There won't be any T.V. stations at his high school. D'Andrea like his hero, Chris Spielman chooses to do his talking on the field.

I really like D'Andrea's blue-collar attitude toward the game and that's why I've decided to fly to Cleveland and watch his season finale against one of Avon Lake's biggest rivals. I can't wait.

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