Monday Presser Notes

Selected quotes from Monday's press conference. Coach Carr Comments on Iowa's defense, playing with injury, Carl Tabb, Jeremy Van Alstyne, Shawn Crable, and more.

Opening Statement:

"I was shocked to watch the film and see that we turned the ball over four times in the first 20 minutes.... Fortunately for us Steve Breaston and our punt return team came up with a great play, Jeremy LeSueur came up with a great play, and we got the lead. We have to find a way to take care of the football if we're going to be successful as we go forward. Defensively, I thought that we had a lot of guys played well. Grant Bowman and Norman Heuer are both playing extremely well. I think Marlin Jackson had his best game at safety. Marlin, despite the fact that he has missed a game, is leading our team in tackles. I think he's really helping secure the big plays. I thought he made a great interception there at the end of the half. So, our defense played well. We're going to play an Iowa team that I think is as talented as any defensive team in the country. I think they're better than they were a year ago. The front seven is talented. I think (Howard) Hodges is a GREAT football player. He's a relentless pass rusher and a great athlete. Of course, all of those other guys are outstanding too. They're all back. (Chad) Greenway is leading the Big Ten in tackles and Sanders is I think the best strong safety in college football. It's a great defensive football team. They have outstanding special teams and they obviously have an outstanding runningback. So, they're going to run the football, play to their defense, and play for field position. It will be a great challenge for us to go into Iowa City and try to find a way to win."

On if Iowa’s defense is more about being physical and not being too complicated:

"They play a defensive front, the 34 front, which we played here at Michigan for a long time. It's based on, first and foremost, stopping the run and not giving up big plays. Anytime you can stop the run and not give up big plays, you've got something special. They're going to line up their tackles almost head up on our tackles. Their noseguard, a lot of the time, is going to be head up on the center. That creates very very small seams to run inside. They're going to make you run east and west. They're very talented and they're not complicated. They play extremely well together and they're extremely well coached and they're extremely physical."

On if Pierre Rembert is pushing David Underwood for the #2 RB spot:

"Well, Pierre has had a very good fall and has done a very good job with his opportunities. He is a good pass protector. Yeah, I think that there's good competition there."

On if Carl Tabb improving despite not playing too much in the last few games:

"Yeah, I think he is. I like to see Carl play because he's a dedicated, tireless worker. He's in great shape and is a guy that has made a lot of good plays in practice. I have a lot of confidence in Carl Tabb. What happens is if all of a sudden somebody gets nicked up and can't play, if a guy has had some experience… he will go in and play with a lot more confidence then he would if you didn't have opportunities to play him early on in the season. We've had an opportunity to do that with a number of kids and I think that as we go forward, that will prove to be beneficial to our team."

On if he’s made the decision to redshirt Shawn Crable since he’s missed so much time because of injury:

"No. What I hope is that Shawn will be able to return. That will be up to our doctors. Right now I'm not ready to make that decision. He's in good shape. He's doing a lot of running and things, and I'm not ready to do that yet."

On Heuer playing well with his injury:

"Several weeks ago Pierre Woods played with a finger...and I don't know how he did it. Of course, Norman Heuer had surgery on Tuesday and played on Saturday against Oregon. This past week he played very well. It's a decision that you have to make as a player. Can you deal with the discomfort? There is always going to be discomfort. Some guys can mentally overcome that and play with discomfort and some can't. Heuer is one of those guys that can, and he has. I think he's doing an outstanding job."

On if he ever overrules a player’s decision:

"That's what the medical staff does. I do not have my medical degree yet, but it's not too late. I may pursue my medical degree when I leave coaching (laughing). If I return to coaching I'll be able to make those decisions. Until then, we have the greatest medical staff in this country. One thing I want nothing to do with is deciding if a player plays or not. I can tell you that nobody plays at Michigan when there's any danger to their health and well being in terms of an existing condition. I would not sacrifice ANY player under ANY circumstances in that way. And certainly our doctors wouldn't. Now, if you're talking about a finger, what Heuer had, or what Pierre had...those are decisions that you have to make as a player."

On if he’ll speak on Braylon Edwards not getting into the game until late in the first half:

"I don’t want to."

On Jeremy Van Alstyne’s health status and if he’ll play this week:

"He's all right physically. Will he play...probably not. Hopefully he'll be back next week."

On how Lamarr Woodley is progressing:

"I think Lamarr will play more as the season goes on. I think that he has improved and he learns every day. He is a kid that really enjoys the game. He has made some absolutely unbelievable plays in our kicking game. We chart all of the production of our special teams and Lamarr is one of those guys that makes things happen. He's a great athlete and he's only going to get better as the season progresses. He's has done an outstanding job as a true freshman, especially at that position."

On if Adam Finley will focus primarily on punting now:

"What we're trying to do with Adam, and what I was hoping would happen right from the beginning, is I want him to concentrate strictly on punting the football. I think it relieves the pressure of trying to prepare for both and I think Garrett has enabled him to do that."

On if he thinks Braylon’s finger is bothering him and if that’s the reason he was held out:

"It can't be comfortable. I think I answered that query and I don't intend to discuss that."

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