Ouimet: "This is not a fun game to talk about."

Former Michigan staffer Mark Ouimet gives his Indiana wrap-up. "Michigan had a slow start, you could say they came out flat. That happens to good teams. It happens everywhere."

Ouimet: Michigan had five turnovers in the game. Indiana won the time of possession because Michigan turned the ball over. And John Navarre didn't play his best.

The Michigan Defense.

Defensively Michigan played pretty well. The only negative stat on defense is that Indiana had more first downs ... mostly from the first drive in the second half.

Pierre Woods played well, and Marlin Jackson played well. Pat Massey didn't do badly, neither did Lamarr Woodley when he was in there. Michigan held Indiana to 102 yards rushing, which is good. And the Wolverines did a decent job against Indiana's quarterback Matt Lovecchio -- Michigan did a good job up front, they confused him.

The Michigan Offense.

Michigan 's offense was mediocre. Chris Perry rushed for 112 yards, but he fumbled twice.

Michigan's third down conversion is at 42% right now -- that isn't bad, but has to get to 50% or better to be good.

Jason Avant played well, and Steven Breaston played well and will get more and more involved. Tim Massaquoi caught the ball, and Michigan is trying to get their tight ends more involved.

By the way, I think Braylon Edwards is getting a crash course in Coach Carr's philosophy. That philosophy is just Carr's way, and Braylon is getting there. It's just taking time. Braylon is not the only star player who is not on the same page as his coach. He is getting there. I'll say this -- last year opponents did not know who Braylon was, and they were focusing on Ronald Bellamy. Now they know -- and Braylon has to step it up. In fact, if you look at the season last year. In the first five games Braylon had a 97 yard receiving average. Then the defenses learned about him, and in the next six he had a 57 yard average. Then against Ohio State and Florida he stepped it up and had 107 and 110 yards respectively. This year Braylon has to play at an even higher level since he's a marked man.

Braylon is a good player, he has all the ability, all the speed, he has the body. But when the other opponents make you a marked man it's a different story. They aren't giving him those short passes where he ran for yards after the catch last year.

Also, John Navarre needs to improve for this team to win. He has five interceptions now, in four games -- two against Oregon, and two last week. Against Oregon he was trying to force things, and against Indiana I'd say he was not focused. I'll say this -- there is absolutely no alternative to Navarre this year, so he has to play up to his potential.

Special Teams.

Punting. The Wolverines averaged 28.3 yard last week, with the block. Adam Finley has averaged 35.3 yards for the season. That has to improve. And place kicking -- hopefully Rivas will settle into the position now.

Bottom line. I just think Michigan turned the ball over too many times. I just think it was carelessness, not focusing -- especially by the offense.

This is not a fun game to talk about. But Michigan is a good team, and they need to sharpen up for this week's game against Iowa.

Speaking of Iowa -- just because they lost last week doesn't mean they're not a good team. They fell into the same trap Michigan did against Indiana, except Michigan State as it turns out isn't a bad team with Smoker at quarterback. But Iowa went in a little flat, they didn't play their best game, they made a lot of mistakes -- an interception and three fumbles. And MSU didn't turn it over once. Michigan State caught Iowa looking ahead -- Iowa took the MSU game for granted after watching the Spartans lose to Louisiana Tech. When you turn over the ball four times on the road against a decent team like Iowa did, and you have a great defense but don't have a great offense like Iowa has .... 20-10 is what you're going to get. Michigan State should never have beaten them, but turnovers bit them.

More on Iowa tomorrow.

By the way, did you notice that Houston beat East Carolina last Saturday to go 3-1. That was a big game for Michigan for BCS points. Especially after what happened to Oregon -- they came out REAL flat against Washington State and gave up three touchdowns on interceptions and punt returns.

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