Brief Rod Council Update

I spoke with West Charlotte, N.C. head coach Pete Gilchrist to get the latest on DB <b>Rod Council</b>. He gives some exciting news to U-M fans.

Is Rod still planning to visit Michigan?

"Yeah. Rod and I are going up to Michigan for his official visit on October 25th. I’m not sure which game that is, but I think it’s Purdue (edt. note: that is correct). We were going to go up in December, but he decided that he wanted to see a game.”

Do you know about his relationship with Jamar Adams?

“Yeah. They’ve known each other since grade school…. all the way up through 9th grade. In 10th grade, Jamar moved, but they still keep in touch. They talk about how recruiting is going.”

What schools will he visit besides Michigan and Notre Dame?

“He’s definitely going to go to Virginia (Oct. 18), Virginia Tech, and one of the Florida schools. Quite possibly Florida State.”

What are his top schools?

“In no particular order, I’d say Michigan and Virginia.”

(Edt. note: he has already officially visited Notre Dame, and there have been reports that the Irish are right at the top for him as well. Rod is hard to reach -- we have been trying to catch Rod to talk to him, and we will keep trying.)

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