Arrington: "Definitely The Wolverines!"

That was <b>Adrian Arrington's</b> answer when I asked who he would be pulling for this past Saturday. I took the opportunity to ask him a few more questions about his recruitment after his game Friday evening. Needless to say, Wolverines are still in a very strong position with the Cedar Rapids star.

For those that missed the game and scouting report, click here.

Have you decided on when you’re going to take your visit to Michigan yet?

“Not yet. I’m still just kind of searching for dates right now and trying to get done with our season.”

At one point you had Michigan listed as your leader. Is it true that you’ve backed off of that a bit?

“Not really, but I treating my top five as all kind of even right now. They're all pretty much number 1.”

Can you list your top five again?

“Right now it’s UCLA, Michigan, Iowa, Oklahoma, and Kansas State.”

When you go on your visits, what exactly will you be looking for?

“Mainly just to mingle with the players and coaches. I also want to look into the business department because that’s what I want to major in. I’ll be looking into the math department too. I’m kind of going in between the two right now. I kind of figure that I might start out in math and eventually switch over.”

You and Greg Coleman expressed a desire to attend school together earlier in the year. Will his decision still have an impact on yours?

“It could. He wants to take his official visit to Michigan when I go.”

How big of a factor will the quarterback situation at the school you go to be?

“It’ll be a huge factor. Chad Henne committing to Michigan could factor in there." (Laughing).

When do you think you’ll make your decision?

“Probably close to signing day.”

Will you be going to the Iowa Michigan game tomorrow?


Who will you be rooting for?

“Definitely the Wolverines!”

It looks as if I wasn't the only one who left Iowa City Saturday disappointed in the result. GBW will continue to monitor Mr. Arrington's recruitment.

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