Gallimore Goes Road-Tripping

Kansas City offensive lineman <b>Brett Gallimore</b> has his fall all laid out with visits, official and unofficial. He gave me the road map last night.

I talked last night (Wednesday) to Brett Gallimore (6-5, 290 lbs., 5.1 in the 40, 300-lb. bench press, 2.6 GPA) from Riverside, Mo., Park Hill South (Kansas City area).

You're phone's been busy. You're a busy guy, Brett.

"Yeah. I just got off the phone with LSU. They want me to visit in December. We'll see, I might."

It looks like you've been taking quite a few visits. Can you run down them for us?

"Sure. I was at Nebraska for an unofficial visit on August 30th, for their game against Oklahoma State. Then I went to Ohio State the next weekend for an official visit. Then on Sept. 13th, as you know, I was at Michigan for an unofficial visit for the Notre Dame game. That was a really good visit. Then I took a little break."

"Last weekend I went to Purdue for an official visit. This weekend I'm going to Missouri to watch the Nebraska game -- that's an unofficial. And October 18th I'm going to Arkansas for an unofficial visit for the Florida game."

Your dad had told me at one point that you were coming to Michigan again on the 18th for an official visit.

"Coach Moeller and I have decided to make my Michigan official visit in December ... the 12th I think."

Okay, back on the road! Where else are you going?

"On November 1st I'm going to Tennessee for the Duke game; that one's an unofficial visit. The next weekend, the 8th, I'm going to Oregon for the Cal game -- that one is unofficial but we may make it an official visit because of the cost. And finally on November 15th I'm going to Florida State for an official visit, for the NC-State game weekend."

"And then Michigan in December."

Note: just to summarize the official visits. He's already taken two, to OSU and Purdue. He has FSU on the Nov. 15th weekend. And he'll go to Michigan in December (the 12th?). That's four. Then he mentioned Oregon or maybe LSU as a possible fifth ... but any of the other teams mentioned above could of course get that visit as well, or Iowa, who he had planned at one point to visit Sept. 20th.

Gallimore also visited Michigan for a spring practice in April. He is's #91 prospect.

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