Ouimet's Heisman Watch (week 8)

At this point the race looks more wide open than ever. Here's how former U-M staffer Mark Ouimet ranks 'em.

1. Phillip Rivers, QB, North Carolina State – Rivers couldn't deliver a win on the road at Georgia Tech, but still had another great passing day. The question is, how much did the loss hurt him? Well to say the least, he still is the best QB in the country right now. Great stats on the year with 175 of 234 for 2,078 yards and 14 Touchdowns. They play Connecticut this week and there is not a doubt he will definitely be there for the presentation.

2. Jason White, QB, Oklahoma – He came out with some authority this week against Iowa State with a career day in passing and 5 Touchdowns. White completed 27 of 35 for 393 yards. His season stats are 113 of 167 for 1,481 yards with 16 Touchdowns and only 3 interceptions. We will find out how real this Quarterback is this week against the Longhorn defense.

3. Larry Fitzgerald, WR, Pittsburgh – The Panthers were off this week, but play a bad Notre Dame team this week. Look for a good game for Mr. Fitzgerald and add to those outstanding stats of 32 receptions for 783 yards with 9 Touchdowns.

4. Chris Rix, QB, Florida State – The Seminoles had a bye this week to prepare for the Hurricanes. This one will be a big test for Mr. Rix and the path to New York City. He is 94 of 149 for 1,288 yards with 8 Touchdowns, so when he faces Miami we will find out if he is a contender or a pretender.

5. Kevin Jones, RB, Virginia Tech – A good performance against Rutgers with 118 yards on 26 carries with 1 Touchdown. Could have been a better performance against the Scarlet Knights, but brings his totals to 551 yards on 102 carries and 7 Touchdowns. The Hokies host Syracuse this week and we'll continue to keep a good watch on Mr. Jones.

6. Cedric Cobbs, RB, Arkansas – Arkansas was off this past Saturday, but travel to play a much improved Auburn team this week. He is having an outstanding year, while on the way getting 88 carries for 562 yards with 5 Touchdowns. If he can keep his numbers up and the average per carry of 6.4 yards, Mr. Cobb will make a run for the Heisman.

7. Chris Perry, RB, Michigan – Another team loss and an average day against Iowa with 24 carries for 87 yards with 1 Touchdown. They played a team that is touch against the run, so this week against Minnesota is a must or Mr. Perry will no longer be running towards the Heisman. Good totals on the year with 136 carries for 774 yards and 8 Touchdowns is keeping him in the race right now, but we will watch closely.

8. Darren Sproles, RB, Kansas State – A good game against a good opponent this week to bring this year totals to 32 carries for 682 yards and 7 Touchdowns. Back to back losses for Kansas State isn't helping this running back, so it is a must win this week for Kansas State.

9. Brock Berlin, QB, Miami (Fl) – With Frank Gore out for the season and out of the Heisman race Mr. Berlin is going to have to step it up this week against Florida State on the road. He didn't have the greatest game this week, but has brought his stats up to 110 completions out of 177 attempts with 1,236 yards to show. He is on the number two team in the country and the game against Florida State will impact the Heisman race on national TV for more than Mr. Berlin.

10. BJ Symons, QB, Texas Tech – He is having an outstanding year and might be better than Kliff Kingsbury. Great stats so far with completing 177 of 265 for 2,467 and 24 Touchdowns. Keep an eye on BJ and this Texas Tech team, because he is jumping up for a guy to watch in the second half of the season.

11. David Greene, QB, Georgia – The Bulldogs scored 37 by half and that is all they scored. In the process David had an outstanding game to bring his totals up tremendously. He is 90 of 154 for 1,244 yards with 5 Touchdowns. He is still in this Heisman race and they go on the road to Tennessee, so this will be another challenge.

Outside Looking IN:
Rashaun Woods, WR, Oklahoma State – Did not have great numbers this week, but brought his totals to 32 catches for 539 yards and 9 Touchdowns. Oklahoma State plays Kansas State this week, so he will get a good test. We will just have to stay tuned to this wide receiver.

Walter Reyes, RB, Syracuse – Nobody expected this guy to be leading the country in rushing so let's just see how he does this week against Virginia Tech. Mr. Reyes is having an outstanding season as he is averaging 7.4 yards a carry. He has rushed the ball 94 times for 681 yards and 10 Touchdowns. If this team can keep winning and they keep giving the ball to Mr. Reyes he might make a run at the Heisman.

Rod Rutherford, QB, Pittsburgh – Didn't play this week, but will have another good day against Notre Dame this week. He has great numbers so far this year with completing 74 of 120 for 1,171 yards and 16 Touchdowns. Keep an eye on him since he has a great wide receiver in Mr. Fitzgerald to help him in his efforts.

Fred Russell, RB, Iowa – Another decent game against the Wolverine defense with 26 carries for 110 yards. Keep an eye on him as he has compiled good numbers for the year with 136 carries for 726 yards and 3 Touchdowns.

Ben Roethlisberger, QB, Miami (Oh) – Another outstanding day against Akron and with a game this week against Buffalo he will continue to have great stats. This season he is 146 of 214 with 1,679 yards and 9 Touchdowns. We will just have to watch how the season unfolds for this Quarterback.

Casesy Clausen, QB, Tennessee – A tough loss on the road to Auburn, but Clausen has good numbers on the year. He is 94 of 156 for 1,133 yards and 10 Touchdowns, so we will have to wait until this week against Georgia.

Michael Clayton, WR, LSU – Having a great year so far with 28 catches for 477 yards to show so for this season and he is their big play guy. Watch out for this team and Mr. Clayton against the Gators this week.

Derek Anderson, QB, Oregon State – The Beavers and Mr. Anderson are playing well this season. He is 101 of 202 for 1,669 yards with 9 Touchdowns on the year. They have a bye this week, but will play Washington in two weeks.

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