Leon Hall: "Unbelievable!"

That was the reaction of true freshman defensive back <b>Leon Hall</b> regarding his first start as a Michigan Wolverine. For more comments from Leon and other Michigan players about Friday nights 38-35 comeback victory, come inside.

Leon Hall

How was your first start?

"Man, it was different, way more intense than I'm used too. Jeremy LeSueur is a great player and replacing him is a big job, so I just had to go out there and do my best, it was unbelievable."

What did you guys tell yourselves when you were down 28-7 going into the fourth quarter?

"We didn't give up. That whole game the mentality was that we were coming back, even at half time we were talking like that. Back out on the field we'd get in our little huddle and we gave each other a pep talk. We knew we could come back and win the game."

How was it being a part of the greatest comeback Michigan history?


How was the crowd noise?

"It was loud. I wouldn't say it was as loud as Oregon but they were pretty loud."

Was it everything you expected it to be when you decided to come here?

"Man, it was great. It's been everything and a lot more. Being a part of that comeback was great.

What play do you think made the difference in the game?

"I don't know if it was one single play, but Jake Stewart's interception for a touchdown. When we look at the whole game we'll come back and look at that one play."

Give us a self-evaluation of your first start?

"I could have done better. I had some missed tackles but I can get better."

John Navarre

Describe the comeback?

"Well, we just made up our minds that we weren't going to be denied. We had some good breaks on special teams, the defense came up and made some stops."

Why does the hurry-up offense work so well? "We have multiple receivers out there and we have so much we can do out of that."

You have a lot of confidence in that freshman kicker.

"Yeah, we knew what he could do. We knew he had the leg. He's going to have a great career and it was big for him to step in and do that as a freshman and I had total faith that he was going to do it."

What did you tell yourself when you were down 28-7?

"Nah, we knew we were gonna win it. If we got down it would have gotten really ugly. We had to fight off the negative stuff to get through it and keep pushing."

Dave Pearson

What does this win mean?

"Hopefully this is going to get something big started for us. We still have big goals. We have to keep going through the Big Ten season and play as hard as we can."

How does it feel to be a part of the biggest comeback in Michigan history?

"Unbelievable. Coach Carr said when we started that last drive that it would be the biggest comeback in Michigan history if we get it done."

What were you thinking when Rivas lined it up?

"He's kicking great right now and we have a lot of confidence in him. We just knew that if we protected for him he would make the field goal."

What did you tell yourselves after the two losses?

"We had a chance to win in both those games and we didn't get it done in the fourth quarter and this week we did get it done. We had some plays go our way and we just kept fighting."

Does this give you guys back some confidence?

"We have our confidence back now that we got a victory. We're on the right track now to go and figure out what we need to do to win our next game."

Larry Stevens

"Is there one play that turned things around?

"Man, I still don't know what happened. I think when Jacob Stewart got that interception and took it back to the house got us some momentum for the offense."

How did you guys keep yourselves up after Abdul-Kaliq scored on the QB sneak?

"We never quit. That's personal. We kept saying on the sidelines that we gotta keep going, we're not gonna quit. You gotta play four quarters and we didn't quit."

They dominated you for three quarters, you dominated the fourth, what was differnece?

"We're the Michigan defense, of course we're going to turn it around. We never quit. That's your pride so when you get in a hole like that you do what you gotta do and we did what he had to do."

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