Derron Thomas' Mom Is Definitely Interested

I had a nice chat Saturday with the mother of <B>Derron Thomas</B> from Reserve, La., East St. John.

I of course had called to speak to Derron Thomas (5-10, 193 lbs., 4.45 in the 40, 32.5-inch vertical jump, 3.6 GPA/16 ACT). His mother answered, and we had the following interesting conversation.

"Derron went to the Florida-LSU game. They left last night right after his game."

"You're the Michigan guy, correct? Derron has talked to you before but I haven't. What is the weather up there in Michigan like? Is it cold?"

I had to be honest -- I told her Michigan was more 'subtropical, rather than 'tropical' like Louisiana. Just kidding -- I told her that the North has four seasons, but I could not really provide her with information, etc. That Coach Jackson would have to do that.

"Yes, Coach Jackson calls here for Michigan. He just talked to Derron a few days ago. Michigan is one of the schools Derron will make an official visit to. You're Blue and Yellow, right? Yeah, Derron is definitely visiting there. I don't like the cold ... but Derron is intrigued that Ann Arbor is right up there by Canada. He wants to see things like that. Does Michigan have a good computer program?"

I told her once again that I was not allowed to provide her information, but that Coach Campbell would probably be glad to.

"Yes, he will -- Michigan wants Derron. Coach Jackson said they'll take him now. We'll come up for visit ... I think I'll come with him for the Michigan visit. My husband has brothers ... I'll go to with him on two of the visits, and my husband and his brotherswill take the other three. "

"Derron will take all five of his official visits. Coach Jackson has talked to him about when to visit Michigan. But the problem with scheduling the visits now is that the playoffs here go till the second week in December, and Derron's team has high hopes to go far. But there isn't a big hurry -- Signing Day isn't until the first week in February, right?"

You're up on it! Derron is running wild this year, isn't he?

"He's doing awesome. They're 6-1 now. They lost last week to in overtime, to Hornsville 55-49. Derron had six toughdowns, most of them on long runs. But they won last night, 45-14. I don't know how many yards Derron ran for, but he had five more touchdowns."

Note#1 : Thomas ran for 376 yards in the loss to Hornsville, with touchdown runs of 80, 77, 75, 45, 10, and 5 yards. Going into last night's game he had run for 890 yards in 5 give games (178 yards pergame).
Note #2: Derron has said that he is visiting Miami, Florida State, Nebraska, and Michigan, and is also considering LSU, Colorado, Michigan State and Oklahoma State.

Thomas is's #4 running back (Oct. 8 list).

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