La. RB Derron Thomas Runs Wild

I talked yesterday to the <B>Derron Thomas</B> from Reserve, La., East St. John. Today (Sunday) I chatted with Derron.

I talked yesterday to the mother of Derron Thomas (5-10, 193 lbs., 4.45 in the 40, 32.5-inch vertical jump, 3.6 GPA/16 ACT) from Reserve, La., East St. John -- because Derron wasn't home. Where was he?

"I was at the Florida State-Miami game. I wasn't rooting for either team. We got soaked but it was fun."

Your mom said you had a good game yourself this week.

"We won Friday. I had 166 yards rushing in 25 carries; I also made five catches for 110 yards. The week before I ran for 378 yards and six touchdowns. We're 6-1."

Do you have any official visits set yet?

"I don't actually have any visits set yet. I'm going to visit Michigan though. Also Miami, Florida State, Nebraska ... I'm not sure about the fifth ... maybe LSU or Colorado."

"(Michigan assistant) Coach Jackson has said we'd schedule Michigan for whenever it's the the easiest. Our playoffs end in mid-December so it depends on that."

With your ability to catch the ball, are you being recruiting as a 'dual-purpose' back?

"Everybodyis recruiting me as a running back."

What is it you like about Michigan?

"I like how they run the football. Also, Michigan has been recruiting me hard for a long time, since my junior year actually. Coach Jackson came to my school three times last spring."

Thomas has been running wild this season, averaging 176 yards per game. He is's #4 running back (Oct. 8 list).

Derron's coach, Larry Dauterive, told us about Derron this past spring. "Derron has offers from LSU, Florida State offered him when they were in and watched his film, Oklahoma Stata, Michigan State ... Colorado and Texas were in here and offered him. Les Miles was in here from Oklahoma State and watched his film and said he hadn't seen a better running back ... he said he was unbelievable, that he reminded him of Thurman Thomas. Michigan's Fred Jackson loved him from the get-go. Fred offered him LAST year during recruiting season.

"In track Derron is a relay guy ... the 4X200 and the 4X100. Derron's a football player, not a track man -- he ran track because I asked him to, to help out the team. His best 100 is a 10.8; now that's not a 10.5, but he runs a 10.8 with his pads on too. He's not huge -- he's 5-10, but at 193 lbs. he's very hard to bring down."

"Derron is a good student too, he carries a 3.2 GPA in honors classes. He and his parents walked in here last year (2002) on August 1st from West St. John, a small school. His dad wanted him to play 5-A ball. Derron was reluctant, but his dad wanted the best for him. There were others ahead of him on the team of course, so he had to earn his spot, but he quickly passed the others. He's a good student, with good parents."

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