Catching Up Again With Greg Hinds

I decided to catch up once again with Mississippi DB/Ath <b>Greg Hinds</b> again, after he'd attended one of the South's big games Saturday.

Safety Greg Hinds (Aub. Nike stats: 6-1, 200 lbs., … 4.5 in the 40, 305 lb. bench press, 30 inch vertical jump, 16 ACT) from Southaven, Miss. attended the Arkansas-Auburn Saturday. I asked him who he found himself rooting for during the game.

"Neither team really, I just was at the game. I didn't really rooting for either team."

You told me you're making your official visit to Michigan the November 22nd weekend, for the Ohio State game. Is Josh Winchell coming too?

"Yeah I'm coming. But I don't know about Josh. Not that I know of. I don't think Michigan has set it up with him."

Where have you been for unofficial visits so far now?

"I've been to Mississipppi State and Auburn."

You've been saying you were going to make official visits to Michigan, Auburn, Mississippi State, Alabama and Tennessee. Any change there?

"I'm not sure now. Besides Michigan, I'll probably visit Tennessee and Auburn. Any others we'll have to see. "

How did your own game go Friday?

"We won - we're 5-2 now. I played running back and wide receiver, as well as free safety."

And Michigan is recruiting you for both defensive back and running back?

"Well I just talked to Coach Jackson again. He talked about me playing free safety for Michigan. Also, as far as reports you told me about that I've gotten bigger -- I'm the same size as when we talked at the Auburn Nike Camp. I'm 6-1, 200 or so."

Note: at the Auburn Nike Camp he measured 6-1, 200 lbs. ... and/but he struck me as 'strong and thick' with a 'head hunter' style of play.

Hinds is generally underrated by the recruiting gurus, but Tom Lemming/Prep Foot Report ranks him as the #49 prospect nationally.

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