Great La. Back 1-B: Ja'Kouri Williams

Since I talked to Derron Thomas and his mom last weekend, I thought it only proper to catch up with <b>Ja'Kouri Williams</b> as well. Here's the latest -- including whether or not a certain couple schools lead for him.

I talked Sunday to Ja'Kouri Williams (2002 U-M Camper, 5-11, 180 lbs., 4.35 in the 40, 2.2 core GPA/18 ACT) from Plaquemine, La.

You've been out with injury. Did you return to action Friday?

"Yes. I'd missed the last two games with a deep thigh bruise and a concussion. But I played again this Friday night -- we won 31 - 8. I ran for 132 yards on 14 carries (9.4 yards per carry). I also made some pass receptions, I'm not sure how many. We're 3-3 now -- we lost the games I missed."

Did you go yo any college games Saturday, like LSU-Florida?

"Nah, I stayed home."

Have you decided on any official visits yet?

"I have not scheduled any official visits yet. For sure I'm going to visit Michigan, Tennessee and Nebraska."

"The thing about those three schools is that they all get great exposure for their players. They all compete for the National Championship year after year. They just all have a history of being great football schools."

"I don't know who else I may visit for sure. I might visit Florida State and Auburn."

When will you schedule your visits?

"I'm going to wait until the end of the season to set my visit dates."

Why do you still have Michigan 'up there'?

"The thing about Michigan is they were the first team to offer ... they have been recruiting me the longest."

"And Michigan is still recruiting me hard. Coach Jackson is calling me every week."

It's been said lately that Tennessee or Nebraska lead for you?

"Nah. No one leads," he said emphatically, and sounding a little surprised about this. "They are all the same ... the visits will tell the story for me."

Ja'Kouri is's #48 prospect.

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