Mon. Presser Quick-Hitters:Depth Chart & Injuries

Sam Webb will put up details later today of today's football press conference. For now here are very interesting tidbits -- on changes in the depth chart, and on injuries. Plus <b>Braylon Edwards</b> tells Sam about his future plans!

The Depth Chart.

1. Lamarr Woodley is first team (starting on other side of Larry Stevens).
Coach Carr: "Lamar has had one of the most outstanding performances I've ever seen by a freshman the past two weeks ... Alain Kashama is struggling right now, we hope he plays like he can play for the rest of the season.

2. Braylon Edwards is back on first team. There was a question about whether he had been putting personal goals above team goals.
Coach Carr: "I disagree with that. I was never critical of Braylon playing hard. It was just a situation where he wan't getting the message privately about being on time so I gave him a nudge publically. But Braylon has played outstanding football the last two weeks. He's just had to deal with all the things that come with being #1. (Note: Braylon spoke to Sam Webb -- see below).


Marlin Jackson (who went out at the end of the third quarter, after landing out of bounds on his back/tailbone).
Coach Carr: "We're hopeful he'll be back this week. Like every other kid in the nation he has to play with bumps and bruises at this time of year."

Jeremy LeSueur. (who went out in the Iowa game, and who was on the sidelines in pads Friday but didn't play).
Coach Carr: "The doctors felt like he'd made enough progress by game time Friday to play ... didn't we put him in. We're very hopeful he'll play this week."

Jeremy Van Alstyne.
Coach Carr: "I never said Van Alstyle is out for the season ... or I didn't mean to imply it. He's making progress, we hope he's back this week, and definitely next week."

Shawn Crable.
"Shawn is practicing now. We haven't made a final decision on whether to redshirt him yet.

Jeff Zuttah (who is still at Michigan, but because of a medical condition is not playing).
"We told him he could get his release to play at other schools who may take him with his condition. Jeff did look around for other teams, but he is still on scholarship at Michigan."

Braylon Edwards to Sam Webb (more to come).
"I am definitely coming back to Michigan for my senior year. I want to win a National Championship, and now that means coming back. That's fine with me -- I'm a Michigan Man. I love the atmosphere here, and I love the school."

More to come!

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