Post Game Presser Comments

Comments from John Navarre, Carl Diggs, Chris Perry, Steve Breaston, and Lloyd Carr on the Wolverines decisive victory over the Illini.

John Navarre

On Jason Avant’s improvement:

“He has matured. He has made the adjustment to the collegiate level. He understands defenses and he has also stepped up to be a leader. He is definitely a solid guy in that receiving corps and a guy that we can count on…. a real incredible guy. As he matures and gets older he has nowhere to go but up.”

On if things are slowing down for him:

“Yeah. That’s one of the things that you talk about as a quarterback. You want things to slow down. That means that you’re feeling everything and everything is coming together. You understand the offense and get a great feel for the defensive coverages and what they’re doing scheme wise. So, the game is starting to slow down. It slowed down last week. It’s coming together. That’s typical of the season. You want to keep it to where it just gets better and better as the year goes on. That takes work. It’s not just going to happen. You’re playing more games so you’ve got to keep working. More film and more studying.”

Carl Diggs

On what the defensive effort this week means:

“It meant a lot. We wanted to come out and play better than we did last week against Minnesota. We wanted to come out and get things corrected and play hard. We wanted to make corrections on the little things. That’s what Coach Herrmann has been preaching…making the proper calls and making the proper checks. That’s what we wanted to show him we could do.”

On what defensive changes they made:

“We didn’t really change anything. We just went out, watched the film, and made the corrections. Once again it comes down to everybody being in the proper position in order to stop the run. It was just little things and that’s what he emphasized.”

Chris Perry

On his first touchdown run:

“It was a well blocked play on both sides. I had the opportunity to go frontside or backside and I chose to cut back. Braylon did a good job blocking down field and I scored.”

On Steve Breaston’s punt return:

“I’m kind of speechless on that. I don’t know if you can describe it. He shook the first guy about five times before he made the decision. It was pretty nice.”

On Tim Bracken moving up to 2nd string:

“Well Tim has been really amazing in practice. He has been doing a great job on the field and hitting all of his assignments. He has been doing everything that he needed to do to come into that roll. I guess the coaches saw that, as did some of the players. He got that roll because he deserved it.”

On is Steve Breaston is a quiet, shy guy:

“Steve is not quiet! (Chuckling). Steve might be quiet around other people, but he is not quiet around me. We’re always going back and forth.”

Steve Breaston

On the return:

“At first I didn’t think I was going to run it back and I waved everybody off. I thought the ball was going to bounce out of bounds, but it bounced at me so I had to field it. Things happen like that in a football game.”

“I just tried to get around the end where my blockers were. They do a great job of blocking down field. I just tried to make the first one miss, and once I got past the first man I saw a lot of our players on the other side. I thought if I beat the next man that we might have something.”

Lloyd Carr

Opening statement:

“I thought that we did some things that we needed to do in terms of improving and coming out of this game feeling good about an improved ability to stop the running game, run the football, and tackle. So I think we made some progress, but we certainly have a ways to go. With an outstanding football team in Purdue coming in a week from today we needed to improve, so we’ll see what happens.”

On Breaston’s return:

“Breaston made a great individual play. I know for sure that Alijah Bradley had a great block. I didn’t see any of the replays but it was not scheduled to be a return left (chuckling). Steve started up and saw things closed off and that’s what he can do. He’s a guy that can create great plays. If you look at punt returning, it’s a difficult deal because more often than not you’re going to get tackled and you’re going to get hit by a lot of people. Steve has done a tremendous job there, but he had some help. The one thing I did like when I looked out there was even though he broke the return back to the left, he still had a lot of teammates hustling. There were two or three other blocks. I didn’t see who they were. But Breaston is the kind of kid that can make that kind of play.”

On Tim Bracken moving to second string:

“A week ago he had three blocks on two kickoff returns…two wonderful plays. He did not report back to training camp in very good shape. He had not been the same at any point since he got hurt until the last three or four weeks in practice. He has really made some strides. I think he made a couple of really good shallow cuts out there today. He has got some innate ability to make guys miss and hopefully he’ll play a role here as we go forward.”

On if Jason Avant is the team’s unsung hero:

“He’s certainly not an unsung player for me. Jason Avant is a great football player. He can play anywhere on the field. If you can choose a temperament that you want every player on the team to have it’s the one Avant has. He’s a great competitor. He hates to lose. He hates when he doesn’t catch every ball. He takes great pride in playing to the whistle and blocking every man that he is assigned to block. He takes great pride in every aspect of the game. He has done a great job for us on special teams. This kid has got IT! He’s something.”

On if Marlin Jackson will play next week:

“I’m hoping,”

On Ryan Mundy:

“We worked him some at corner because we’re getting into some teams that will use four and five wide receivers. There will be no backs in the backfield…we’ll be spread out. So it’s important to have people that can cover. He ahs played safety most of the year, but he is a guy that we can work in to some of those other packages against a team that plays more than three receivers in a game.”

On when he will make the decision on whether or not to redshirt Shawn Crable:

“It’s day to day and week to week.”

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