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<b>Joe Crawford</b> made his visit to Kentucky this weekend and came away impressed with the Wildcats. I spoke to Joe this evening and despite having his list narrowed down to four, he indicated to me that there were a few that stuck out more than the others did. Click for more!

How did your visit to Kentucky go?

“It went pretty good”

Did the visit move them up in your eye?

“Yeah, I guess you could say that.”

What are the final schools on your list?

Michigan, Kentucky, Michigan State, and Cincinnati.”

Do any of those schools stick out more than the others at this point?

“Yeah. Kentucky and Michigan stand out.”

Have you decided on what you want your major to be?

“Yeah I have. I want to major in Sports Management.”

Have you taken one of the tests yet?

“No. I actually take my test next weekend.”

What will be the most significant factors in your decision?

“Playing time, fan support, school support, academic support, and how I get along with the coaches and players."

Did any of the coaches impress you more than the others?

“No, they were all pretty impressive.”

Have you taken a look at the depth at your position at the schools on your list?

“Yes I have.”

Which schools do you think offer you the best chance to play?

“I think that Kentucky and Michigan definitely offer me the best opportunity.”

Have you set a date for your decision?

“No, I haven’t set a date yet but I want to make my decision by November.”

Will there be a press conference?

“I’m not sure.”

We'll be keeping very close tabs on this situation. Stay tuned!

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