Germany: Michigan Moves up After Visit

Pomona (Calif) DL/LB <b>Eugene Germany</b> is the last of the weekend big men to speak with GoBlueWovlerine Magazine. Contrary to what some other programs have been telling him, he was impressed with Ann Arbor.

"Man, it wasn't nearly as cold as some of the other people were saying," Pomona (Calif) DL/LB Eugene Germany (Oct. 18 official visit, USC Nike stats: 6-3 1/2, 248 lbs…. 4.65 in the 40, 2.3 GPA) said about the Ann Arbor weather. "All the coaches from the other programs were telling me about how it was so cold there, but it wasn't bad at all."

Germany traveled to Ann Arbor with fellow teammate DB Keston Cheathem. "We got in about 4:00 Friday afternoon then went to dinner with Coach Ron English," Germany said. "Then we had some free time and I got to go to some parties Friday night. It was fun."

Asked if he or anyone else committed while at U-M, Germany said, "No, nobody committed while they were there."

A common theme among those who step into Michigan Stadium on a fall Saturday is one of awe. "I couldn't believe all the people in the Big House," Germany said. "I loved it when 110,000 people did the wave."

After the game the recruits were able to tour the campus and check out the facilities. Germany said he was impressed that Michigan had three fields. He was also impressed with the way Michigan emphasizes getting to class. "Coach Carr stood up in front of everyone and asked who had been to class that day," he said. "They take that stuff seriously there. At other schools they don't make you go to class, but I can see it isn't that way at Michigan." Lastly, Germany had a chance to tour the weight room and chat with strength and conditioning coach Mike Gittleson. "I thought the weight room was cool," he said. "Coach Gittleson talked about how they would make us bigger. One thing is they don't use protein shakes before they lift. All the other schools I've been too drink them before lifting."

It seems Germany's father, who was along on the trip, was impressed as well. "He liked it too that Michigan pushed you to do the work," the younger Germany said. "Some of the players were saying how great it was to be at Michigan because of the academics. If you don't make it in football you can have a good life because of the Michigan degree. I got to talk to last year's fullback, B.J. Askew, and he said it was fun here and that they take good care of you. I like that."

Germany had previously visited Washington State and made a comparison of the two schools. "The only thing Washington State has for it over Michigan is that I know some of the players at WSU," he said. "Hussain Abdullah, his brother Hamza, and Odell Howard all went to Pomona so I know them. At least I would know someone if I went to Washington State. But that's the only thing they had over Michigan." Germany visits Oregon State on November 1st.

Germany said he was impressed with New Mexico DL Alan Branch. "Man, that guy is huge, he's even bigger than Tom-Tom (Fremont, Los Angeles DL/OL Thomas Herring)."

Michigan was near the top for Germany all along but had slipped recently. The visit appears to have pushed the Wolverines back to the top. "My top five now are Michigan, USC, Washington State, LSU, and Miami, in that order," he said. "I'll probably visit all of those except for USC, since they are right here. I'll make my decision and announce it at the CaliFlorida All-Star game on January 2nd. Me, Keston, and Thomas are all playing in that game." On the way home Germany said he and Cheathem had some conversation about their trip. "We talked about Michigan being number one and how cool the surroundings were," he said. "We also liked that everybody seemed to enjoy being there. Ann Arbor is a nice little college town."

Pomona is off to a 2-3-1 start this season and plays San Dimas this Friday.

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