Cheathem: "My view of things has really changed."

Pomona, Calif., defensive back <b>Keston Cheathem</b> gave me a call during his lunch period to fill me in on his Michigan visit. Did he commit to the Wolverines?

"No. I didn't commit. But it was very very nice, and I enjoyed it, a lot! My view of things has really changed ... Michigan was just an idea in my mind before -- its a reality now. I can really see myself up there."

So what did you do? Who did you talk to?

"I talked to all the coaches, Coach Carr, Coach English, Coach Jackson ... all of them really. Coach English told me again that they were recruiting me as a safety and cornerback. He showed me the depth chart and showed me that I'd get a chance to get on the field early. Coach Carr said he'd be coming out after the season was over to see me, and that he would sit down and huddle with my mom about me coming to Michigan."

"We all hung out -- Eugene (Germany), Thomas (Herring) and Alan (Branch), and we hung out with all the Michigan players really. I talked to Leon Hall -- he's from south of Pomona. We talked about what it was like coming here from California and playing defensive back. I talked to Calvin Bell too -- he's from the LA area as well. But we hung around with a lot of the players after the game Saturday night, most of them really."

Did you get any concerns about Michigan answered?

"Yes, my questions were all answered. My main concern coming in was the weather, the winter. But the guys I talked to said it's winter-cold for just about a month and a half or so, and it's not during the season so the team isn't out playing in it -- the bowl games are played in warm climates. So that's not a concern for me. And as far as leaving home -- distance is not a factor. I'm okay with that."

Is Michigan your leader?

"Michigan is definitely right up there. I don't want to call them my leader while I've still got visits to take. I've been to Washington and Washington State and am still considering them. And I have another visit to go -- but I'm not thinking of anything but Michigan right now. I can't even think of it (the upcoming visit -- he and Germany are scheduled to go to Oregon State on Nov. 1st). And I'm focused on our Pomona team, to get on track and finish the season strong."

How did Eugene like the visit?

"Eugene and I talked on the way home -- I don't want to speak for him but he said he really liked it too. And Thomas too."

Keston Cheathem (6-2, 185 lbs., 4.55 in the 40, 2.8 GPA, 820 SAT) is's #43 Pac Ten area prospect.

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