N.J. DE Dwayne Hendricks and Michigan

The phone rang early this (Monday) evening -- it was Dave Heck, head coach of the Millville (New Jersey) Thunderbolts, and of top defensive end <b>Dwayne Hendricks</b>.

"Hi Tom. We just got out of practice. We're definitely coming to Michigan this weekend -- in fact I just talked to a Michigan staffer again today, just to make sure we have everything straight. Dwayne is coming, and so am I -- and a lot of my assistant coaches are coming out too. We can do it because we have a bye week this week. We're coming to this game because of Dwayne, and because my assistants have never seen the Big House! We did also have a former player on the Purdue team, but he got hurt in the spring. He attempted to come back this fall but couldn't do it -- so he's no longer on the team."

"We're excited about coming for the game. It gives us a chance to get a break, and go do something together. There are eight guys in all, myself and my assistants. We leave Friday morning, and we're renting a van in Detroit. Michigan will pick up Dwayne of course -- or we wouldn't have had enough room in the van! A 6-5, 250+ pounder takes up a lot of room!"

"Michigan actually kind've wanted Dwayne to come in later, after the season, because of 48 hour visit rule. But he's coming early Friday so he should get the full visit time in."

"We visited a lot of places in the spring with Dwane, including Michigan, but this is Dwayne's first official visit."

So where else is he visiting? Or, let me put it this way -- it seems to me like Miami is the main competition for Michigan with Dwayne. Do you think there's any truth to that?

"Yeah, Miami is the competition when it comes down to it. He always hoped Miami would recruit him, so definitely Miami is in there ... ... ... yeah, I'd say that's correct, Miami and Michigan are probably the main ones."

You told me in the spring what kind of player Dwayne is. How do you feel now that the season is half over?

"We got a last-second win last Friday, so we're 3-3 right now. Dwayne is our leader on defense. He got banged up in last Friday's game so it's good that he has a week off. Dwayne is a very good athlete, he has real good instincts for the game. He has things to learn but there is a huge upside there. Plus Dwayne's a good person, and a strong student too. He's real intelligent, and articulate -- that's one thing all the college coaches have said, that they really like talking to him."

Well thanks for calling and clearing up the visit info. Dwayne is hard to reach these days.

"Yeah, that's what I'm told. I think that between school, and football, and recruiting, it's all starting to take its toll on him, a lot in fact. He's feeling the time crunch I mean. So he's not answering the phone much these days."

- DE Dwayne Hendricks (Oct. 25 official visit, PSU Nike stats: 6-4, 250 lbs., 4.8 in the 40, 30 inch vertical jump … 3.2 GPA/910 SAT) from Millville, New Jersey is TheInsiders.com's #32 prospect.

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