Ryan Baker Makes It A Quartet

I just got off the phone (Monday morning) with the father of DE <B>Ryan Baker</B> from Indianapolis, Ind., Bishop Chatard. Ryan has scheduled his official Michigan visit.

I spoke this (Monday) morning to Jerry Baker, the father of Ryan Baker (2003 U-M Camper, 6-5, 235 lbs., 4.9 in the 40, 3.5 GPA) from Indianapolis, Ind., Bishop Chatard, TheInsiders.com's #22 Midwest area prospect.

Hi Jerry. Ryan is making his official visit to Michigan this weekend?

"Tom, that's absolutely true."

What other official visits does he have planned, or has he already taken?

"His first official visit was to Purdue,Oct. 4th for the Illinois game. This past weekend he was at Oklahoma. This coming weekend it's you guys, Michigan. Then on Nov. 1st he goes to to Boston College."

Have you gone along with him on any of them?

"I did not do Oklahoma, but I'm going to Michigan and BC, and I went to Purdue."

What has been his best visit so far?

"We actually haven't had much time to talk about them. I'd just say all his visits have been excellent."

What schools is he considering for his 5th visit?

"He is keeping his fifth visit 'in his pocket', he hasn't picked a school for it yet. He would like to have done them all during the season, but he doesn't wants to focus on colleges during the state playoffs. Those tournament games are all on Friday nights, and we don't know where. They could be three hours out of Indianapolis, so it'b be really hard to get home and then off to somewhere for a visit."

"After the season over he'll go back to picking up official and unofficial visits. I've asked him to make me a list. There are a number of schools he's definitely interested in: Florida (which he has visited over the summer), Iowa, Wisconsin (he has been trying to get there), Stanford (one of the first schools to offer, they are recruiting him for football and basketball), Tennessee, as well as some schools that have not offered him yet ..."

Ryan has been to Purdue for several visits?

"Purdue is just so convenient, just an hour from our house. He's gotten to see other teams there that he's interested in: Notre Dame, Penn State."

How has the Bishop Chatard season gone so far?

"They've annihilated everyone, with the exception of Cincinnati Elder, the Ohio State Champs ... they went in there and lost by one point. They wonthe city title last weekend. Indiana goes from 1-A to 5-A, and Bishop Chatard is 2-time defending champs in 3-A, the middle division."

How is Ryan's own season going? Do you have any stats on him?

"We don't focus on that, at the end of the year we get them. Ryan just focuses on the team."

Ryan has been picked for the US Army All American game?

"Absolutely - he has accepted an invitation to play in the game in San Antonio this January."

Note: also making official visits this weekend: N.J. DE Dwayne Hendricks and Calif. WR Jaison Williams, as well as N.C. CB Rod Council. See our reports on Hendricks and Williams a little further down the Main Page.

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