The Polls, the Post-Game Presser

Michigan moves up in both the Coaches' and AP polls -- and MSU is also higher in both (good incentive!)<br><br> Also, selected quotes from yesterday's post-game press conference.

The polls:
-- AP: Michigan moves from #13 to #11, MSU moves from #11 to #9.
-- Coaches' (ESPN/USA Today): Michigan moves from #15 to #12, MSU moves from #12 to #10.
-- Conclusion: this game will be HUGE, with instate dominance taking on greater proportions, and greater consequences.

A few selected quotes from the Post-Game Press Conference:

Coach Carr on the Michigan Defense: "You can have a great game plan, but if guys aren't playing with great intensity and with great enthusiasm that plan isn't worth much. Our coaches looked at all the tape and when you see no safety in the middle, you know something is going to happen. It may be good or it may be bad, but today it worked for us. Kyle Orton didn't have much time to throw the ball. The credit belongs to the players and the coaches who put the plan together."

Coach Carr on Leon Hall: "Leon Hall, this is a special kid and he has a special story. For a guy to come in and play in this competition as an 18-year-old kid is tremendous. He has done a wonderful job and has a bright future. He is going to do well academically here because he has the right attitude and the right work ethic."

Note: Hall's story IS truly something special. He virtually had no home whatsoever back in California (he lived from couch to couch), and yet he willed himself to succeed, both academically and athletically. If you want someone with moxie -- it's Leon.

John Navarre on the team still holding its own destiny: "It was one of our big goals at the beginning of the season. It means everything. That was in our mind coming into this week, that we had control, that if we were able to run the show, we could have the goal in our hand: to go to the Rose Bowl. Our goal was to win the Big Ten championship and we knew that we controlled our own destiny."

Ernest Shazor on when the team starts preparing for Michigan State? "Right now, as we speak. Two years ago we lost down there in a tight game, so we need to go in there and play hard, just like we did this week."

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