Weekend Visits: Williams' Mom Talks to GBW

Sunday night GoBlueWolverine Magazine was able to speak with the mother of Culver City (Calif) WR<b>Jaison Williams</b> and she gave us some tidbits about her sons visit. She also gave us some insight about being the mom of a top recruit.

Culver City (California) WR Jaison Williams (Oct 25 visit, 6-4, 212 lbs., 4.49 in the 40, 260 bench press, 2.6 GPA, 840 SAT) flight from Detroit is being delayed because of the fires in Southern California. Though his mom said her house was thankfully out of danger, the effects are still being felt where they live. "We're about 65-70 miles from where the fires are so we're not in any danger," Theresa Adams-Williams said. "But the smoke and ashes are everywhere here. Jaison's flight is being delayed because of it and he won't be home until after midnight, Sunday."

GBW informed Ms. Williams that we wouldn't be calling that late to check on her son. "I appreciate that," she said laughing. "See, I've met some real nice people during all this (Jaison's recruiting)."

Ms. Williams said she had talked to Jaison several times during his visit to Ann Arbor. "He (Jaison) said he had a good time and that he liked the environment at the school," she said. "School wasn't in session, of course, but the administration people he made contact with were real helpful and made it a positive experience for him."

Michgian laid a hurt on Purdue, 31-3, and that was the highlight of the trip, according to Ms. Williams. "That was his number one thing for entertainment the whole weekend," she said. "Football is his passion, so anything involved with that is always fun for him. He really enjoyed the game."

So, the question everyone wants to know is if her son decided he wanted to spend the next four years at Michigan. "No, he didn't commit," she said. "It's a big decision for him and he wants to take all of his visits. He has expectations about what he's looking for in a school and in his athletics, and Michigan certainly has something to offer him. The coaches sat him down and they looked over the depth chart and he likes the situation there."

"Michigan is definitely in his top list of schools," Ms. Williams said. "Along with USC, Washington, and Oregon. He also likes West Virginia, Arizona, and Colorado. He's going to take visits to Oregon (November 7th) and Washington (December 14th), and I'll be going with him to Washington. I was going to go with him to Oregon but I couldn't arrange things in time for me to go. Of course we're close to USC so we get to go over there a lot. He took his SAT there."

Ms. Williams said she's staying neutral as far as his decision goes. "This is a decision Jaison will make for himself and I'll support him whatever he decides," she said. "He's my youngest child and I've been able to put all of my efforts and time into how things are going with him. I ask him questions and we discuss things, but the final decision will be his."

As far as the recruiting process Ms. Williams says she's enjoyed it. "We get a lot of phone calls," she said. "I've had the opportunity to meet a lot of interesting people and have a lot of positive conversations with people."

"I've talked to Lloyd Carr and Coach English before and one other coach who's name I can't remember (probably Coach Sheridan) and we talk about what they have to offer," Ms. Williams said. "Jaison will probably major in business though it's not certain yet. But the people at Michigan have been real helpful in letting us know what they have to offer."

When Williams finally gets home and rests GBW will contact him and get his comments on the visit. Stay tuned.

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