"Was Dwayne impressed? How could he not be?"

I spoke late Sunday night to Dave Heck, head coach of New Jersey defensive end <b>Dwayne Hendricks</b>. Heck went with Hendricks on his Michigan official visit this weekend.<br><br> (*Monday morning addition*)

Dave Heck is the head coach Dwayne Hendricks (Oct. 24-6 official visit, PSU Nike stats: 6-4, 250 lbs., 4.8 in the 40, 30 inch vertical jump … 3.2 GPA/910 SAT) from Millville, New Jersey. I started by just asking if Dwayne was impessed by Michigan, by the visit, etc.

"Was Dwayne impressed? Oh God, yes he was impressed! How could he not be? I don't think there's anything Michigan could do that they haven't already done. We've been there twice now, and everything they've been done is top notch, top shelf. Everything is taken care of, nothing is left to chance. We knew from when we went in April that that's how they ran things. And not all schools are that way, some are more organized than others ... and you can't top Michigan. Michigan is just very impressive, a great place."

"Dwayne's host was Jeff Zuttah, another Jersey kid who we met last April when we were at Michigan. Jeff has the medical condition, so he was free, including on Friday night. So he was the perfect choice for the host."

"When we met Jeff last spring I said to myself, here is a sharp kid. I was real impressed with him. But that's how all the Michigan kids are really. Michigan has players who handle themselves in a classy way ... as a coach who has dealt with a lot of kids over the years you can spot them -- the character kids. Michigan recruits character kids, kids who are also willing to meet the challenge of Michigan academically. Kids who are not only be great football players, but who have to be a great students, character kids. Of course no kids are perfect, but when there is a problem at Michigan it gets attention because it is so far out of the ordinary."

"I think Dwayne is that kind of kid as well. He thinks rationally, and he thinks before he acts ... more often than not Dwayne will put himself in a good position."

I asked Coach Heck to run through what they did on the visit a little.

"We arrived in Ann Arbor Friday, and went to the team's walk-through on Friday. They always end their Friday walk-through with Coach Carr and the other coaches running a play against the first team defense. This one was an end around to Coach Loeffler, which went for a touchdown. That caused quite a stir -- I guess that was the first time in years that the coaches had scored."

"On Saturday we went in early with all the prospect, there were the four official visitors, and a boat load of unofficial visitors. And everybody knew that we all came, all eight of Dwayne's coaches ... the hostess, the people who gave us the tickets ... even guys who worked in the stands ... everyone knew who we were - 'You are the whole coaching staff who came together from New Jersey."

"During the visit Dwayne spent spent time with Coach Sheridan. And he was with Coach Herrman at breakfast this (Sunday) morning. And Coach Carr came to breakfast as well. And he had a meeting this morning with Coach Carr of course."

"And the game! What a performance by the defense! The Purdue quarterback never knew what hit him. The Michigan defense kept him completely confused ... sometimes that happens but usually the quarterback settles in, but he ever settled in. And boy those were some big-time hits the Michigan guys were delivering.And without Marlin Jackson! I talked to Coach Herrmann this morning and said, "I bet you'll watch that film again," and he said he had already been up at 2 AM watching it! When you put one together a game plan like that, you can't wait to do it again."

I commented that Dwayne has gotten bigger since I saw him at the Penn State Nike Camp in the spring.

"I'll tell you who's big! When we came out in April, Shawn Crable spent some time with us. HE's a throughbred ... big, smooth, confident. I'd been reading about him as a recruit last year, and the guy really has size, and ability!"

Note to our readers: last Thursday I asked Coach Heck, "Where else is Dwayne visiting? Or, let me put it this way -- it seems to me like Miami is the main competition for Michigan with Dwayne. Do you think there's any truth to that?" And he answered:

"Yeah, Miami is the competition when it comes down to it. He always hoped Miami would recruit him, so definitely Miami is in there ... ... ... yeah, I'd say that's correct, Miami and Michigan are probably the main ones."

Hendricks has not scheduled a Miami visit as yet. And he also has an Iowa visit scheduled for Dec. 12.

Hendricks is TheInsiders.com's #32 prospect.


Note: I also talked just briefly with the father of Indianapolis defensive end Ryan Baker. They had just walked in the door at 10 PM. So I will speak with them tomorrow.

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