Weekend Visitors: Williams - "It was Really Fun"

Culver City (Calif) WR <b>Jaison Williams</b> returned home from Ann Arbor a bit later than expected due to the fires in the Southern California region. GoBlueWolverine Magazine caught up with the talented receiver Monday night to get his thoughts in his visit.

Culver City (Calif) WR Jaison Williams (Oct 25 visit, 6-4, 212 lbs., 4.49 in the 40, 260 bench press, 2.6 GPA, 840 SAT) was one of four official visitors to the Michigan campus this past weekend who saw the Wolverines dismantle Purdue 31-3. "It was fun!" Williams said. "I was very impressed with the whole thing. That stadium was crazy."

Williams had to take the red-eye out from Los Angeles as Culver City played Friday night, beating South Torrance 31-6. "We got in about 5:50 a.m. and I got a couple hours sleep," said Williams. "Then we went and had breakfast and I met the strength and conditioning coach, the receivers coach, and the QB coach."

Williams' busy morning continued. "After that we went through the locker room and then came out to the field to watch the stretching exercises, and I saw the band," he said. "That's one super band. Then we saw the game. It was a real great game, people were calling my name and telling me to come to Michigan, that was really cool, I didn't think anyone would know who I was but I guess people read a lot of stuff."

After the game Williams toured the campus and talked to the academic advisors, who made it clear Michigan was an academic institution first, but that didn't intimidate the young man. "They told me how they do things," he said. "They told me about the mandatory studying and that if I needed a tutor they were available. That's good because I'm looking for a good academic school, I'm thinking about majoring in business. Coach English also told me what a Michigan degree means."

The big guy was able to take in some of the Ann Arbor social scene as well. "After dinner we went to a party, and everyone was really nice. I like the area and the people."

Williams is a rare quality, a big man with speed. He's been described as a Braylon Edwards clone, and Williams was finally able to meet Edwards in person. "We shook hands and talked for a little bit," Williams said. "I was watching him during the game and I think we're a lot alike. I think I'm a little bigger than he is but he has faster feet than me, and he can really jump.

"I like that U-M throws the ball a lot more than they used to," Williams continued. "They really worked over the (Purdue) defense and that's good to see for a guy like me who wants to catch passes in college."

Williams had a funny story when it came time to talk about making Ann Arbor home for the next four years. "One of the coaches asked me if I was ready to commit," he said. "I was kinda surprised at first because I wasn't ready for the question, and he said it kinda half jokingly. But then everyone laughed so it was fun."

Jason Avant was Williams host and the two seemed to hit it off. Williams said they talked about what it was like at Michigan and Avant gave him a breakdown on the offense and, according to Williams, said, "There are no individuals on this team."

While Williams didn't commit on the trip, he wants to make his decision before Christmas. Will it be Michigan? "It's a big possibility," he said. "I taking visits to Oregon and Washington but Michigan is on top, along with USC. I'll just have to see how things end up but this was a big trip. My list is only four, I like Michigan and USC, then Oregon and Washington. My mom is coming with me on my trip to Washington."

Williams said he has 17 receptions on the year for 419 yards and 5 touchdown's. On defense he wasn't sure but said he has about 15 tackles. He plays defensive end for the Centaurs.

Culver City plays Mornigside at home this Friday.

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