Ouimet's Heisman Watch (week 12)

Chris Perry was named Big Ten Player of the Week for his record-setting performance Saturday against the Greenies. Has former Michigan staffer Mark Ouimet moved Perry up in his Heisman Watch?

1. Jason White, QB, Oklahoma – There isn't any doubt that in will be in New York City for the presentation as they whipped Oklahoma State. Jason was 12 of 28 for 199 yards with 2 Touchdowns, while rushing for another in the game. He is 181 of 278 for 2,495 yards with 27 Touchdowns and just 6 Interceptions. Mr. Steady will host the Aggies of Texas A&M this week, so we can expect another great outing.

2. Phillip Rivers, QB, North Carolina State – This guy had another outstanding day while completing 29 of 34 for 410 yards and 4 Touchdowns against Virginia. He now is 267 of 370 for 3,318 yards and 25 Touchdowns, while achieving a 72.2% completion rate. He has the best accuracy in the country and will be in New York City for the presentation. In two weeks he will get the national stage for the Heisman against Florida State, so if he can continue those numbers he might just win the trophy at the end of the year. By the way he only has 6 Interceptions!

3. Larry Fitzgerald, WR, Pittsburgh – A record 14th straight game with a Touchdown and 28 Touchdowns in his first two seasons which is another NCAA record. He had 7 catches for 156 yards and 1 Touchdown against Boston College this week. As for the season, Larry has 60 receptions for 1,174 yards and 16 Touchdowns. We will see how Larry does this week against a good defense in Virginia Tech, so will he respond to the challenge of a good corner?

4. Eli Manning, QB, Mississippi – His brother didn't win in 1997, so can Eli do it this year? He has gotten back into the thick of the race for the Heisman with 30 of 42 for 291 yards and 3 Touchdowns against South Carolina. He is 199 of 317 for 2,663 yards and 21 Touchdowns. He only has 8 Interceptions on the year, but will face the tough defense of Auburn this week. This game will probably decide if Eli is in this race for the rest of the season.

5. Chris Perry, RB, Michigan – A solid victory for the Wolverines on the road against Michigan State and a record day for Chris with 51 carries for 219 yards plus a Touchdown. He has 259 carries for 1,313 yards and 13 Touchdowns, while he will get a bye to rest this weekend he must go to Chicago with another great effort against Northwestern.

6. Chris Rix, QB, Florida State – The Seminoles beat a bad Notre Dame team in South Bend, while Chris was 17 of 31 for 327 yards and 3 Touchdowns. He is now 165 of 281 for 2,378 yards and 16 Touchdowns. He will stay in this race for the trophy as long as he continues to deliver wins and yardage for the Seminoles. The one negative on Chris is the easy competition in the ACC!

7. Kevin Jones, RB, Virginia Tech – A great win against the Hurricanes after a bad loss against West Virginia. He had 26 carries for 124 yards and 1 Touchdown in the upset win, which brings him to 158 carries for 863 yards and 10 Touchdowns. Needs another good effort on the road against Pittsburgh this week.

8. Ben Roethlisberger, QB, Miami (Oh) – A big game on National TV this Tuesday against Bowling Green will test this top Quarterback in the nation. He is 215 of 313 for 2,537 yards and 18 Touchdowns, while completing 69% of his passes he has thrown only 8 interceptions and 4 of those were against Iowa in the only loss of the year. Make sure to watch this guy closely because he his the real deal and his already proven himself this year against Colorado State, Cincinnati, and Northwestern.

Outside Looking IN:
BJ Symons, QB, Texas Tech – He is 334 of 510 for 4,313 yards and 37 Touchdowns, but does have 16 Interceptions with 5 of those coming to Colorado. He still hasn't faced the best two teams in the Big 12 in Texas and Oklahoma, so let's not get too excited about an invitation to the presentation yet with a lot of season still to come for this Red Raider.

Josh Harris, QB, Bowling Green – He is having an outstanding year and gets to play on national TV again this Tuesday against Miami of Ohio. He is 177 of 272 for 2,285 and 13 Touchdowns on the year with an average of 65% completion rate, while on the ground with 106 carries for 390 yards and 7 Touchdowns. He is a real deal, but will face a good Miami of Ohio team who has their own great Quarterback making a run for the Heisman.

Tatum Bell, RB, Oklahoma State – The team struggled, but he had a good game while rushing 22 times for 122 yards against the Sooners. He has 190 carries for 1,203 yards and 15 Touchdowns on the year. He will get another test this week against the Longhorn defense, so he better be ready to break the century mark again and continue his 6.3 yards per carry!

Rashaun Woods, WR, Oklahoma State – With only 4 catches for 27 yards against Oklahoma Mr. Woods is fading fast against tough competition and out of the Heisman hunt. He has 52 receptions for 938 yards and 11 Touchdowns on the year. In the two losses to Nebraska and Oklahoma he only has 47 yards and 27 yards, so he must step it up very quickly this week against Texas with some huge plays!

Matt Leinart, QB, USC – Another good outing against Washington State with 17 of 31 for 191 yards and 3 Touchdowns. He might not win it this year, but he will soon in the next couple of years. He is 165 of 268 on the year for 2,366 yards and 24 Touchdowns, so keep watching because his day will come. More big numbers coming this week with a bad Arizona team up next!

Marion Barber III, RB, Minnesota – Another 100+ yard day against Indiana, which brings his totals to 162 carries for 995 yards and 16 Touchdowns with an average per carry of 6.1 yards to go with all of that. Let's not forget those 197 yards against Michigan, but needs to have another outstanding day against Wisconsin to leap frog some people.

Cadillac Williams, RB, Auburn – In the race still with 7 attempts for 113 yards against Louisiana-Monroe this past week, while also running for 2 Touchdowns. He has 165 carries for 887 yards and 12 Touchdowns, while he still has games against Mississippi, Georgia, and Alabama.

Michael Turner, RB, Northern Illinois – He had another good game against Ball State this past week in the bounce back win. He has 234 attempts for 1,142 yards on the year and 8 Touchdowns to go with all of those yards. He is one of the main reasons of the success this year and it should continue this week against Buffalo.

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