Jr Terrance Taylor At U-M/MSU Game, Rooting For?

The Muskegon Big Reds' season ended last (Friday) night in a first round playoff loss to Hudsonville, 33-21. Even though Hudsonville dominated, the Big Reds' junior nose tackle <b>Terrance Taylor</b> had another impressive game, clogging up the middle and making sacks. After the game GBW chatted casually with Terrance, who was bummed about the loss and seemed relieved to talk about the future.

Jr. DT Terrance Taylor (2003 U-M Camper, 6-0, 285 lbs.) from Muskegon, Mich. had (our official tally) 8 tackles in the game, and two impressive sacks. He is a pure nose tackle in the Will Carr/Rob Renes mold.

Taylor is considered one of the top two instate juniors and has been a frequent visitor to the Big House this fall: for the Purdue, Illinois, Notre Dame and CMU games.

Hey Terrance, sorry about the loss. Nice game. Do you want to talk a little?

"Oh, hi. How's it goin? Oh sure, I'll talk."

Are you going anywhere for a game Saturday?

"No. Not this weekend. I'm just going to sit home and watch a couple games. Michigan State - Ohio State. And Miami - Tennessee."

You were at the Michigan-Michigan State Game last week, right? As a guest of the Spartans.

"Yes. I was there."

So ... who did you find yourself rooting for, Terrance?

[chuckle ...] "Michigan!"

So, do you have a favorite school now, Terrance?

"Yeah. Michigan is my leader right now."

Where else are you going for games this fall?

"I'm going to the Michigan - Ohio State game -- of course. That's it. I'm not going to any other games."

Are you going to make an early decision Terrance? Or wait until your senior year?

"I'm going to wait until I'm in my senior year to decide."

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