Ouimet's Heisman Watch (week 13)

It's a strange year for the Heisman. The question is – is the race ‘over'? Or is it in fact still absolutely wide open with no frontrunner whatsoever? Here's is former Michigan staffer Mark Ouimet's latest take on the Heisman race.

1. Jason White, QB, Oklahoma – He only played in the first half and completed his first 15 attempts while finishing 16 of 18 for 283 yards and 5 Touchdowns in the win over Texas A&M. White is now 197 of 296 for 2,778 yards with 32 Touchdowns. The amazing feat is that he only has 6 interceptions on the year. Look for another blowout win against Baylor this week and probably a first half appearance only.

2. Eli Manning, QB, Mississippi – He visited Auburn this week and delivered another victory, while completing 19 of 30 for 218 yards and 2 Touchdowns. He is 218 of 347 for 2,881 yards and 23 Touchdowns. He still only has 8 Interceptions on the year and will face an even tougher defense in two weeks. Can he continue the climb up the charts or will he falter in a home game against LSU?

3. Philip Rivers, QB, North Carolina State – They were off this week, but will face the Seminoles this week on the road. This will not be an easy game for Philip and especially with Florida State coming off of a loss to Clemson. He is 267 of 370 for 3,318 yards and 25 Touchdowns, while achieving a 72.2% completion rate and only 6 Interceptions. He has the best accuracy in the country and will most likely be in New York City for the presentation. This week will set the stage for Mr. Rivers and the way he responds will let us know how serious of a candidate he will be the rest of the year.

4. Larry Fitzgerald, WR, Pittsburgh – A major upset this week against Virginia Tech, while having 8 catches for 108 yards and 1 Touchdown. He continues to have success every week and has 68 receptions for 1,282 yards and 17 Touchdowns. He responded well this week and must do the same on the road against West Virginia, but will get another shot to shine against that Hurricane defense soon!

5. Chris Perry, RB, Michigan – Michigan was idle this week, but let's hope that he was able to rest up for the last two games, because the Wolverines will need a healthy Mr. Perry to win this Big Ten Championship! He is having a solid season with 259 carries for 1,313 yards and 13 Touchdowns, while he must have a good game against a bad Northwestern defense to stay in this Heisman race.

6. Kevin Jones, RB, Virginia Tech – He had one outstanding game in the loss against Pittsburgh this past week with 30 carries for 241 yards and 4 Touchdowns. He faces a terrible team this week in Temple so he should be able to add to those 188 carries for 1,104 yards and 14 Touchdowns.

7. Ben Roethlisberger, QB, Miami (Oh) – A big game on National TV this past Tuesday night against Bowling Green and he delivered a win while completing 19 of 28 for 230 yards. He is having an outstanding year and is 234 of 341 for 2,767 with 18 Touchdowns, while completing 69% of his passes with only 9 Interceptions. He has another great game against Marshall and will face their tough defense, so how will he respond against the Thundering Herd?

Outside Looking IN:
Ryan Dinwiddie, QB, Boise State – He is having an outstanding year and is one of the top Quarterbacks in the nation, who doesn't get enough praise. He is 185 of 303 for 2,856 yards and 20 Touchdowns on the year with a 61% completion rate and only 2 Interceptions. He also has 8 Touchdowns rushing, so needless to say Mr. Dinwiddie is a good solid Quarterback that more voters need to take a look at before the season is over. The Broncos will host UTEP this week before they travel to Fresno State and play on National TV.

BJ Symons, QB, Texas Tech – Had a great game against Baylor, but still hasn't faced the best two teams in Texas and Oklahoma. He will face one of them this week on the road against the Longhorns. He has struggled against Colorado and Missouri, so the next two weeks will let us know where Mr. Symons will stand at the end of this race. He is 366 of 557 for 4,741 yards and 41 Touchdowns, but does have to prepare for a good showing down the stretch to make a run at the Heisman.

Matt Leinart, QB, USC – With a bye weekend this past Saturday and lots of rest look for a great outing this week against a bad Arizona team. The Trojans should be ready and hungry to prove their rating in the polls to the voters. Look for solid numbers for Mr. Leinart, which should add to his total on the year. He is 165 of 268 on the year for 2,366 yards and 24 Touchdowns, so keep watching because he should finish the year strong!

Michael Turner, RB, Northern Illinois – He had another good game on the road against a bad football team in Buffalo with 19 carries for 163 yards and 2 Touchdowns. He has 253 attempts for 1,305 yards and 10 Touchdowns. He will be on the road again and face a much better defense in Toledo this week.

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