Northwestern Post Game Comments

Comments from Carr and players after the Northwestern game.

Opening Statement:

"I'm very pleased. We had some problems here in the past, and I think the kids did a great job of being focused and they came out and played extremely well in the first half. I think our offense was really in sync. I thought we ran the ball effectively enough. We really did a good job with the play action passing game, made some good plays. Defensively, we did a great job stopping the run. We got a couple of turnovers in there that helped us. I'm pleased with the way that we came into this game. We played hard and we played with a lot of intensity. Now we can get on with what awaits us next week."

On coming out of the bye week:

"I can tell you that whenever you have Ohio State to play the next week, you worry about a let down no matter who you are playing because that game is special. But I think coming off of a bye-week, made it even more questionable in my mind. I was concerned about this bye-week because half way through the week, it seemed like we hadn't played in over a month. So some times I think that you can have too much time, but yes, I think that we showed some maturity, and did a great job with the bi-week and coming in here and all the other things that go along with it."

On John Navarre:

"I think that John has had a lot of great games at Michigan, and I was thinking to myself that it is good to have a kid from Wisconsin when you are playing in this kind of weather in Evanston. He's just 40-50 miles up the road on the lake, and if you have ever been there, you know that it can be cold and a tough place to play. But yes, I think he has done a great job. He's developed into a great leader; I don't think there is a guy that is more respected in our program."

On Jason Avant's catch:

"I have seen Avant make catches like that in practice, so I was not totally amazed. But obviously, it was the first time he made a catch like that in a game, but he has great concentration, he's fearless, and that was one of those catches that people are going to remember."

On this team's turn around after two-losses and the Minnesota game:

"Well, I think that anytime that you get knocked down, you find out what you are really made of. When you face the kind of adversity that I think we have faced, it either brings you together and makes you stronger, or you can start pointing fingers and all those negative things, and that is the beauty of sport; you never know how it's going to happen, but when it does happen, it's really special, and these guys are going to have some memories for the rest of their lives. What happened in Minnesota I think is something that they are never going to forget, and I think that is one of the beautiful things about this game and about athletics."

On the Northwestern game in 2000:

"I think as a coach you remember. And I showed them a clip, we had the lead and a minute to go and you know, bad things happened, and so I showed them that clip because it is a fresh reminder of if you have the ball the last couple of minutes, it's not the scoring a touchdown that matters. You are playing against the clock, get a first down, get down, all of those things. Certainly, some of us remember our last trip up here and I think there are a lot of different things that motivate a lot of different people."

Chris Perry:

On looking ahead to Ohio State:

"We're going to enjoy this tonight and go back to Ann Arbor and wake up tomorrow to look at the film to see what we can improve…and then get ready. They're a great team. We're just going to try to do our best."

On John's play:

"Oh yeah. John has been efficient all year. He capped off wth a great performance today. He did pretty nice. He did pretty well for himself."

On improving:

"I think we're playing pretty well right now, but I think that we can perform a lot better in certain areas…me especially. But we're improving. Each week we're trying to improve and do things better than we did the last week or the week before. Now it's down to last game of our regular season. Hopefully we can just go out there and play well."

On having a shot at the Sugar Bowl:

"That's not our main concern. Our main concern is to play well enough to be able to compete with Ohio State."

Braylon Edwards

On John Navarre's play:

"John played phenomenally. He's in a zone. There's not too many people that can rattle or distract him. John just threw the ball phenomenally today. Put the ball on the money, put it where it should be. The receivers, all we can do is catch the ball."

On improving:

"Everything can improve. There are a couple things we didn't do in there in terms of finishing drives. But we're playing great right now. We're playing good football and this is where we need to be in terms of just trying to finish off a strong season. We need to be playing good right now and that's what we're doing."

On Ohio State:

"I defninitely look forward to playing O-State. They're a great ball club. They make a lot of plays out there defensively. Offensively they've been doing very good as of late. I just hope we can last with them."

On if he thinks this group of receivers can be stopped:

"To be honest, no. I don't want that to be an arrogant comment, but Jason, Steve, and I are a great team. You can't stop us!"

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