What Michigan Will Try To Do

Mark Ouimet was a member of Lloyd Carr's Michigan football staff until entering private business a year ago. So he has a darn good notion of what the U-M staff is planning for the Buckeyes this Saturday!


Michigan will want to score first, and have the lead at the half as well -- OSU does not score much, and shouldn't this game either -- so for Michigan to jump in front would take OSU out of their game. And this could very well happen -- Michigan's best quarters offensively are the first and the fourth.

If I were Michigan I'd come out throwing. It's possible that will happen, but we will also see a steady number of Chris Perry carries. Maybe not 50 carries like against MSU -- but Michigan will try to run it.

Of course, as I said in my last interview, OSU will play 1 on 1 pass coverage, and will focus on stopping Michigan's running game. That's what teams do against Michigan -- they put a large number of players in the box. That's why Michigan has more passing first downs than rushing -- which is amazing considering Perry's yards.

But don't expect Michigan to go 'downfield' with their passing game Saturday.
Michigan will take their shots at home runs. But this game will be a game of chess ... and Michigan will not take many risks. If OSU is blitzing and Michigan is throwing down field, it creates the risk of turnovers -- interceptions or a Navarre fumble if he is hit and sacked.
So I think we're see Michigan pass it to Perry, to the fullback Kevin Dudley or Brian Thompson, and 4-5 passes to the tight end, Tim Massaquoi, Andy Mignery or Tyler Ecker.
So look for Michigan to throw passes of 20 yards of less. That's what they did against Oregon when they were moving the ball.

One key for the Michigan offense -- 3rd down conversions/time of possession. If they can move the sticks and run the clock, and get points on their drives they'll be fine .... in this game 3 points is like 7 .... 3 points every time will win. If Michigan wins time of possession they will most likely win the game.

As long as there are not excessive mistakes/turnovers, Michigan should be fine offensively -- after all they average 270 yards passing, 189 running, and an excellent 5.9 yards per play. And Michigan is a very good 49% on third downs. as well.

Michigan's offensive coordinator Terry Malone will put together good game plan. You'll see some three and outs, but also some drives. And Michigan has to score on the drives, even if it's three points instead of six. Michigan does not want to see missed field goals.

And, yes, there WILL be a few new wrinkles offensively, and even a trick play!

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