Gallimore's Father Fills GBW In

GBW talked at length Monday afternoon to the father of Kansas City offensive lineman <b>Brett Gallimore</b>, who made his official visit to Michigan this past weekend. Mr. Gallimore gave us a LOT of information!

Offensive lineman Brett Gallimore (Nov. 22 official visit, 6-5, 290 lbs., 5.1 in the 40, 300-lb. bench press, 2.6 GPA) from Riverside, Mo., Park Hill South (Kansas City area) is's #91 prospect. His father was happy to chat this afternoon about their visit this past weekend.

Tell us about your experience of the game.

"That was a big win for Michigan, without a doubt. They looked real good. It was fun. Brett was sitting in the stands with us, in his Michigan jacket! Then after the game he was quickly taken down to the bench by Andy Moeller. Brett's mother and I kind of got stranded in the stands until Andy spotted us and got us out of there -- he had the security guards bring us down. Then we all went into the locker room with the team."

Tell us about the visit. Who did you talk to, etc.

"Brett's host was Jake Long -- it was Jake the last time we came up too, for the Notre Dame game for an unofficial visit. And Grant Debenedictis and his father were in the dressing room too, and Alex Mitchell as well. They chatted, then went back out and walked around the field. Grant and Brett had talked on the phone last week. Grant is low key, not real bold, like Brett. Grant's a good solid kid, and has that mischevious look in his eye ... he'll be looking to put on more weight to play offensive line at Michigan ... he told us he's up to 265 lbs."

"Ted Ginn was there on his official visit, with his family and a couple friends. Their whole family was great. His mom and my wife talked about the schools, Ohio State and Michigan. Mrs. Ginn didn't say much about OSU, but it was more a mother's conversation than about football. Brett just talked to Ted a little bit."

"The weekend gave Brett a lot better feeling about Michigan. He was glad he met and got to know Max Martin, the big running back in the recruiting class. Max is a really good kid to talk to. He told us he's 213 lbs., and has run a 4.4 40, and he looked about 6-1 tall. He's confident, but not a cocky kid. He said he just drove up to Ann Arbor in the spring, his first visit there, and met with Coach Carr and told him he wanted to be a Michigan Wolverine -- that was it. It was that easy for him -- he's lucky. Actually all the commitments we met were nice kids, very polite."

"Michigan has good facilities, and they are just a class act in every way."

Will Brett take one more visit?

"I don't know, I really don't. There will be coaches coming in for home visits starting the 1st of December, so maybe he'll decide then."

"Coach Bowden will be in, Coach Solich from Nebraska, Les Miles (Oklahoma State) is coming in next week I believe. Coach Carr from Michigan of course. Beyond that I'm not sure. Brett has turned many schools down now. There are 6-7 that might make a home visit."

When will Brett decide?

"In December ... by the 3rd week in December I think. We'll try to evaluate all the schools on paper, as a family. "

Brett has taken many visits now, including officials to Michigan, Ohio State, Purdue and Florida State. Which has been his best visit?

"Well ... this visit was a REALLY good visit. Overall we got a lot of our questions answered. As I've told you before, Brett does like Andy Moeller, a LOT. He trusts Andy fully, and that is significant. Andy will not tell you something that is not true. Brett does not know Coach Carr as well, naturally, but he is a very sincere guy, he backs his coaches heavily ... that's key for us. And a family atmosphere is another key, and Michigan has that."

"Brett will make the decision of course, but he can't do better than Michigan, that's for sure. And Michigan has always been 1-2-3 for Brett, since Day One. I've told you that since the spring. Personally, I feel good about it."

Brett's getting big!

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