Ouimet's OSU Wrapup

In Coach Carr's Monday press conference he talked about Michigan's special teams and offense. According to former Michigan staffer Mark Ouimet, there's good reason.


The combination of Michigan's special teams and offense won this game.

Michigan offense was outstanding. Their offensive line dominated, as evidenced by 170 yards rushing. The Michigan offense averaged 6.2 yards per play. And they gained 448 yards overall. Terry Malone's playcalling was outstanding. and Andy Moeller did an outstanding job with the offensive line. Those two and Soup Campbell and Fred Jackson did a masterful job with the offense. They exploited the OSU defense like people didn't think possible.

The pass to Tyler Ecker was a key play of the game that led to a score to make it 28-7. That was a great catch by Ecker, and that gave Michigan the cushion they needed when OSU came back.

And Michigan won the special teams battle Saturday -- which no one thought would happen. That was the Wolverines' best punting effort of the year. Adam Finley had his best punting performance of the year. He averaged 41.2 (BJ Sander averaged 49.1 for OSU) , and put four inside the 20. And Michigan's kick coverage was the best of the year.

As far as what I thought would be the keys to the game:

Michigan won special teams.

Michigan won rushing.

Michigan won sacks.

Turnover margin was a tie, one each.

And ... I said the best defense Saturday would win the game. Well, the best defense that day WAS Michigan, but it wasn't the defensive battle everyone thought it would be.

Michigan's defense gave up 5.4 per play, and 383 yards ... that's pretty high. Two OSU receivers over 120 yards each. But, Pierre Woods was outstanding once again. And Alain Kashama played very well when he was in there -- he had two sacks. And after John Navarre threw his interception in Michigan territory with the score 28-21, the Michigan defense sacked Krenzel, pushed OSU back, and made a big stop.

But, bottom line: Michigan's offense and special teams won the game.

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