"Very Nice"

Michigan Freshman running sensation Alan Webb literally runs away from the competition to claim victory on the muddy Michigan Golf Course.

You've heard about him.  You've read about him.  You missed your chance to see him(for a little while).

Sunday morning was a great day for a cross country meet.  Coach Warhurst was in prime form passing out the "very nice" compliment to his harriers who swept the top three spots at the five team Michigan Interregional.  If you like cross country running, you would have loved Sunday.  Rain, mud and a wintery bite are all aspects that make cross country great and its greatness was on display Sunday.

That greatness came in the form of a Freshman from Reston, Virginia.  Alan Webb is truly what everybbody has been saying about him.  From start to finish, Webb took control of the race and never looked back.  Even if he tried to look back, I doubt he would have seen the competition as he could have walked the last 1/4 through the victory chute.

The energy on the course as a result of  Webb's presence was amazing.  High School teams were there in full force, homecoming crowds hung over from the previous day and even a couple football players were present to witness history unfold.

You missed you chance to see him this Fall.  Don't pass up the opportunity to see him run this winter or spring.

The future of American middle distance running lives in a dorm room in Ann Arbor.



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