In-Home Today, Decision At Hand?

We spoke Monday evening with the father on Indianapolis defensive end <b>Ryan Baker</b>. Is there reason to think a decision is imminent?

Jerry Baker is the father of Ryan Baker (2003 U-M Camper, 6-5, 235 lbs., 4.9 in the 40, 3.5 GPA) from Indianapolis, Ind., Bishop Chatard,'s #22 Midwest area prospect. We asked him:

You'd told me before that Ryan would be deciding around the first of December. Is that still the case?

"Well, the plan is for him to decide soon, because of basketball coming up. And he's in a position to do that with the visits he's taken. So in the next couple of weeks he'll just have to make his decision. And there has been a lot of 'December 1 activity' from the coaches, as far as trying to schedule in-home visits. Schools are playing their cards now."

What schools have scheduled in-home visits so far?

"Well, I can share with you that Michigan's in-home is Tuesday. But I don't think Ryan wants to say more than that right now. As far as what other schools are coming in, I'll have to ask him if he wants me to disclose that yet. One school has been in, Michigan comes in tomorrow, and another school later this week. But Ryan hasn't decided exactly which schools he'll allow to come in and which he'll turn down, so I don't think he wants the info given out yet on which other schools are coming in this week. We'll let you know."

Fair enough. Bishop Chatard got themselves another championship?

"Yes, they won their state championship. They've only lost one game in the last couple years ... earlier this fall to Cincinnati Elder, which was #10 in the nation at the time."

Baker has made official visits to Michigan (Oct. 25, the Purdue game), Purdue and Oklahoma. He has also been considering Florida, Iowa, Wisconsin and Tennessee, among others.

Bishop Chatard is now the three-time Indiana Champions in Division 3-A, the middle division in Indiana football.

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