"Michigan has forged some steam ..."

The phone rang late Wednesday afternoon -- it was Pa. OL <b>Kyle Mitchum</b>'s coach. Coach Caccione is handling 'the media' for Kyle, and he had some time to talk -- so he gave us some interesting insights.

Coach Jon Caccione had more time to talk yesterday afternoon about his star OT Kyle Mitchum (2003 U-M Camper, 6-5, 270 lbs., 340 lb. bench press, 5.0 in the 40, 2.9 GPA) from Erie, Pa., McDonald. And the news was very interesting.

"I will tell you, Michigan has forged some steam with Kyle; as time has progressed the consideration for Michigan is stronger -- since he's decided he's an offensive lineman."

"Until recently, Kyle was undecided on what position he'd like to play in college. Kyle had 15 or more defensive line offers, to go along with 40-some O-Line offers." (ed. note: as we've said, at the U-M Camp he reportedly 'looked' more like an D-liner)

"But we've had several former NFL guys evaluate him now. They all think he has NFL potential -- as an offensive lineman because of the way he plays. So he's pushed toward that, which in turn has highlighted some schools -- those with reputations for putting offensive linemen in the NFL. And of course Michigan is well known for that."

Has Michigan's recruitment of Kyle picked up steam as well?

"It looks like it, doesn't it. I'd taken him to Michigan back in June, for the first afternoon of the Michigan Camp. He worked out for Coach Moeller. Coach Carr offered him a scholarship that day, on our way out. But Kyle had a long list back them -- I'd taken him 20-25 places for unofficial visits. Then he narrowed the list to seven, and Michigan was always in Kyle's top seven, but the thing is the list wasn't prioritized at all."

"And we'd not been back up there, to Ann Arbor. Then we went to the OSU game. Kyle liked what he saw as far as how Michigan's offensive linemen play and are coached, and his Michigan recruitment has picked up from there, on both sides."

"Coaches Loeffler and Moeller were here on Monday. I talked to them here at the school for over two hours, then they went to Kyle's mom's workplace. Coach Carr talked to Kyle again on the phone last week. Coach Loeffler will be back here again early next week, and Coach Carr will be in next week as well, later in the week."

Is Kyle's Michigan visit still scheduled for January?

"That could still change. He's only taken one official visit during the season, to Iowa. So he still has four official visits left that he can take. Right now Michigan is scheduled for Jan 9th. (and we'll be at the US Army All Star Game in San Antonio the week before that)."

"Wisconsin was supposed to be this weekend -- but Kyle has cancelled that one. Tennessee is scheduled for next Friday, the 12th. Then Michigan January 9th and OSU January 16th. But to be honest these visits could change, soon ... those dates could be shuffled. And one of thoe schools could be dropped and another added."

"But, he will visit Michigan for sure, there's no question about that, only about the date, whether it'll be moved to Dec. 12th. He has no intention of dropping Michigan. But he may drop one of the other three ... and he might visit Miami."

Mitchum is TheInsiders' #30 prospect.

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