Mitchum Visit Set In Stone

Pa. OT <b>Kyle Mitchum</b> has been changing his top schools and scheduled visits. Where has Michigan ended up? We just talked (Tues. morning) to his coach.

Jon Cacchione, the head coach of OT Kyle Mitchum (2003 U-M Camper, 6-5, 270 lbs., 340 lb. bench press, 5.0 in the 40, 2.9 GPA) from Erie, Pa., McDowell just got off the phone with us. He said:

"Kyle has decided to keep his Michigan visit for the weekend of January 9th. He's moved his Ohio State visit up to this weekend ... his parents aren't going, he'll be going there by himself. Then Michigan is set for January 9th."

"He was going to go to Tennessee this weekend, but he's cancelled that one and dropped Tennessee. The Boston College coach is talking to him right now - BC may get a January visit."

"So, here's how things stand. After his Michigan visit, he'll have taken three officials: Iowa (during the season), OSU and Michigan. At that point he'll sit back and decide if he wants to pick from those three. If at that point he wants to take more visits, it'll be to Boston College and, if he wants a 5th, West Virginia."

Mitchum is TheInsiders' #30 prospect.

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