Colvin Narrows His List to Three

This past Saturday, in a stellar end to what has been a rocky year for De La Salle (Concord, Calif) WR <b>Cameron Colvin</b>, the outstanding talent led his Spartan teammates to their 12th-straight NCS Section Championship. On the recruiting front he's narrowed his list of schools to three. Did Michigan make the cut?

Last Saturday the De La Salle Spartans won their 151st straight football game by defeating the Pittsburg Pirates 39-0. It was also their 12th straight CIF North Coast Section Championship. De La Salle will most likely win their fourth consecutive high school mythical national championship as well. Wide receiver Cameron Colvin and quarterback Anthony Gutierrez lead the Spartans to victory on a rainy night at the Oakland Coliseum. Colvin had six receptions for 121 yards and two touchdowns. He would have had another TD on a punt return except for a missed block.

With his season over Colvin can now concentrate on his studies and his future for the next four or five years. GoBlueWolverine Magazine subscribers have closely followed the talented wide-out through the entire year and know he's conquered some significant hurdles along the way. Through it all he has become one of the most sought after talents in the country. Major Division 1 schools across the land have wooed Colvin. Now he has narrowed his list to three. "I'm down to Michigan, USC, and Miami," Colvin said Tuesday night from his home in Pittsburg, Calif. "Right now I'm concentrating on doing well in school. I took the SAT on Saturday before the game and feel I did well, and I'll take the ACT this weekend."

Colvin's godfather, Jay Lightner, told GBW that Cameron is making his own choice. "Cameron is going to go where he wants to go," he said. "Of course if he picks a school I don't like he isn't going, period. But we just love Michigan. Coach English was here yesterday and we had lunch and things are great." Lightner wanted to let Cameron decide if he wished to release his final list. When GBW spoke with Lightner on Sunday he wouldn't reveal the final tally, at that time a final two, but Tuesday night he relented a bit by saying, "Michigan is one of the three and they were one of the two the other night." When Colvin took the phone he released his final three -- and the Wolverines have made the cut. Lightner confirmed that Michigan Head Coach Lloyd Carr will return with Coach English in January.

There have also been some changes to Colvin's New Year's plans. In the beginning he had committed to play in the U.S. Army All-Star game in San Antonio, Texas on Jan. 3. Later he changed to the CaliFlorida game, which will be played in Moorpark, Calif. on Jan. 2. It appears that some of the Florida players have abandoned the CaliFlorida game in order to participate in the Army game, and since Colvin wished to play against the best talent available, contacted the Army folks to see if he would be welcome. "The Army folks called back Sunday night," Lightner said. "They told us they have a spot for Cam so he'll be playing in San Antonio on the third. He'll have to call the CaliFlorida folks and cancel. It's too bad, but all the good Florida guys are going to the Army game now, as well as guys from the rest of the country that don't live in California or Florida, so he decided it would be best to go to the Army game."

He'll be able to meet up with another Michigan target. Albuquerque, New Mexico DL Alan Branch is also slated to play in the Army All-Star game.

Two of Colvin's final teams, Michigan and USC, meet up in this year's Rose Bowl on Jan. 1. When asked who he would be rooting for, Lightner said, "This is one of those games that you just sit back and enjoy, you don't root for either team, you just want a good game." Colvin added that he isn't rooting for one team or the other. "I'm just concentrating on my homework," he said.

Colvin will visit Oregon on Jan. 9, and will take additonal visits to USC and Miami though dates for those haven't been set yet. He also said he may visit Florida State, but he's not sure. All of his remaining visits will be taken in January (he made his visit to U-M for the Notre Dame game of course), and he will announce on Signing Day.

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