Ouimet's Heisman Handicap (Final)

With Chris Perry on the way to New York for the Heisman Banquet, here is how Mark Ouimet sees the race.

1. Eli Manning, QB, Mississippi – Peyton couldn't win the award but this Manning will be seating in New York City awaiting the Ceremony. He also didn't play this week, but finished the regular season completing 253 of 410 for 3,341 yards and 27 Touchdowns, with 9 Interceptions and two rushing touchdowns. His next game will be in the Bowl, but will it be with a Heisman in hand? It should be with the great year that he had, while also completing 62% of his passes along the way this year.

2. Jason White, QB, Oklahoma – He had his worst game of the year completing 27 of 50 for 298 yards and 2 Interceptions, but still had a great year going 267 of 416 for 3,777 yards and 40 Touchdowns. He also had one rushing touchdown, while obtaining 8 Interceptions all year long. He will definitely be in the room awaiting the presentation, but will he be able to pull out of their as the winner of the award? This will be a very close finish this year of the Heisman and his last showcasing against Kansas State might have cost him the Heisman.

3. Larry Fitzgerald, WR, Pittsburgh – Jason White's struggles will tighten up the race, but shouldn't pave the way for Mr. Fitzgerald to win the award. He might be the most popular choice by the fans, but he didn't prove himself in a couple games this year with the Hurricane game sticking out the most with only 3 catches for 25 yards and 1 Touchdown against a good football team. He had 87 receptions for 1,595 yards and 22 Touchdowns on the year, but it will be tough to overcome some good Quarterbacks. He will also have a seat and a fun trip to the Big Apple, but don't look for him to carry the Trophy on the way out of town.

4. Matt Leinart, QB, USC – Matt had a very good audience to show his Heisman credentials and played very well completing 22 of 38 for 301 yards and 5 Touchdowns, but did have 2 Interceptions. He definitely deserves a seat at the Heisman finishing up the year completing 232 of 368 for 3,252 yards and 35 Touchdowns, while only having 9 Interceptions on the year. He had a great year and didn't disappoint anyone throughout the year, while completing 63% of his passes on the year. He will be one of the frontrunners next year!

5. Ben Roethlisberger, QB, Miami (Oh) – He showed us all why the NFL is drooling over him and why he lead the Red Hawks to a MAC Championship for the first time since 1986. He was himself again this week against Bowling Green completing 26 of 35 for 440 yards and 4 Touchdowns. Ben was 321 of 462 for 4,110 yards and 33 Touchdowns, while only having 10 Interceptions on the year. He did complete 69% of his passes this year and should have a seat in New York City, but there is a chance he might not bet invited to the Big City.

6. Darren Sproles, RB, Kansas State –He answered the call in the upset win over the Sooners with 22 carries for 235 yards and 10.7 yards per carry average. He dominated the game and he was a heavy contributor in the 35-7 victory for the Big 12 Championship. Not only did he have domination on the ground, but also had 3 catches for 88 yards and 1 Touchdown. This game capped the year off for him and should get him a spot in New York City for the presentation. On the year he had 293 carries for 1,948 yards and 15 Touchdowns, while averaging 6.6 yards a carry on the year. Without a question he had a field day against a great defense.

7. Chris Perry, RB, Michigan – Chris Perry and the Wolverines didn't play this week, but had a great year with 315 carriers for 1,589 yards and 17 Touchdowns. While also achieving all those yards on the ground Chris was able to get 42 catches for 366 yards and 2 Touchdowns. He should finish in the top 5 vote getters for the Heisman and should get a visit to New York City, but it will be tough to overcome some of those other Heisman hopefuls and will come up short in the vote getting.

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