The crazy BCS System, of course we love it.

Legendary Michigan Broadcaster Tom Hemingway discusses Michigan's standings in the BCS and how a trip to Pasadena with a depleted Wolverine team that the same voters were bashing in the pre-season is a possibility.

Jeez, does it get much better than this for M crazies?  Ohio State lets another one get away, Notre Dame is nailed at the gun, the unbeatens are reduced to a couple, (okay three if you want to include BYU) and the Wolverines jump to #4 in the BCS(Bizarre Creation of Science.)  And why not throw in two losses by the Yankees in the World Series since most Wolverine fans are charter members of the Yankee Hating Marching Chowder Society.  The astrologers will probably inform us that we will never again see such an auspicious alignment .
        Now I make no pretense into understanding much about the BCS or how the experts are selected who make up the poll.  But I do know that the latest results saw Michigan picked at #2 by two selectors, #7 by a couple of others and #9 by another! The rest were spread between #3 and #6.  Certainly an interesting over-under to say the least.  But any poll that recognizes the knee-slapping joke that is the Miami of Florida can't be all bad.  The BCS also has figured out that if one team defeats another, chances are they should be ranked a bit higher.  Thus Stanford who knocked off both UCLA and Oregon is rated three and four rungs higher than both.  But then there's the AP rankings.  Regardless of their victories over the Bruins and Ducks, the Cardinal gets the #10 rating while Oregon and UCLA reside in the #8 and #9 slots. A masterpiece of logic.   Of course we won't mention that the Wolverines are rated 7 slots higher than the Washington Huskies, a team they lost to earlier in the year.  This points up a given among AP voters.  A loss in September means nothing---a loss in November means everything.  Go figure.
         So what does it all mean to the Wolverines?  Can they muscle their way into a championship berth in the Rose Bowl?  Darned if I know. But  there is one major problem for Lloyd Carr and company that is apparent to everybody.  Even if Michigan should run the board in their final four games it may be for naught.  The reason?  Well, assuming that Nebraska and Oklahoma waltz through the remainder of the have-nots in the Big 12 they will matchup again the conference championship game.  A win for Nebraska obviously propels the Huskers into the BCS final as number one with Miami a shoo-in for number two since the Hurricanes will only be battling boredom from here on out with their schedule.  And should Oklahoma knock off Nebraska the BCS might just do as they did this week, keep the two on top and give Miami the cold shoulder---not to mention Michigan.  But really, now be honest, how many of you expected the Blue to be in this position come November?  Keep in mind that they lost half of last years team to the starting lineups of the NFL and here they are on the verge of wrapping up another Big 10 crown and sitting in the number #4 spot in the BCS. 
Gee, just think, if they had lost everybody they probably would be #1 right now.

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