Chris Graham Impressed With Michigan Visit

GBW caught up with Warren Central HS (Indianapolis, Ind.) linebacker <b>Chris Graham</b> (5-11, 210 lbs., 4.50 in the 40) after he left Ann Arbor. He gave us some pretty good news regarding his visit!

How did your visit to Michigan go?

“It went very well. I got more insight into how they do things there. I got to sit down with all of the coaches, including Coach Carr. He’s a great coach. He had already been in my home the first week he could go out, so I already knew that. I also got to hang with a lot of the players. It was good.”

Who was your host?

“I was hosted by Ryan Mundy and Tim Massaquoi.”

What did you guys do?

“Well they just told me a lot about how things work at Michigan. We toured the campus, went to the basketball game, and went to a party.”

What did you talk to the coaches about?

“We talked a lot about how to stay on track academically. As far as football goes, since I’m a defensive guy I spent a lot of time talking with Coach Morrison and Coach Herrmann about how they would use me.”

Did you have a good enough time to commit?

“Well, I had a really good time, but I’m not quite ready to commit.”

Would you say Michigan is your clear leader at this point?

“Yeah, you could say that. After being up there and talking to the players and coaches I can see that they really play my kind of defense.”

Have you been on any other visits?

“Yeah, I’ve been to Purdue and IU.”

Any other visits planned?

“Yeah, I plan to take visits to Kentucky and Tennessee in January.”

Might you make a decision at the Army All Star game?

“Well, I don’t know for sure that I’m in it yet. I’m still waiting to hear from them.”

Do you have a timetable for your decision otherwise?

“I have a banquet on the 18th, so I may just decide around that time if I don’t do it sooner.”

What will be the factors in your final decision?

“I’ll be looking at how I interact with the coaching staff, how I feel about the players and the campus, and what my parents have to say.”

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