"It Boosted Their Status"

Gonzaga High (Washington DC) WR <b>Doug Dutch</b> (6-0, 190 4.34) just returned home from his visit to Ann Arbor this weekend. He gave GBW an update on how things went.

How did your visit go?

“It was nice. I liked it a lot up there. It was first time going to Michigan. The campus was nice. It was big, even though it’s in a college town. It’s compact at the same time, so it wouldn’t take long for me to walk places. I got a chance to talk to a few professors and the dean of admissions. It was nice.”

How do you think your parents liked it?

“They liked it a lot, especially the academic side of things.”

Who was your host?

Jerome Jackson was my host. He took me to a couple parties.”

What Coaches did you talk to why you were there?

“I spoke with pretty much all of them, but it was my first time talking with Coach Carr.”

What did he have to say?

“He stressed how important it was to them to sign a guy like me because I was one of the top receivers in the country. He also explained to me that I wouldn’t have to redshirt and that I could come in and play right away. He also talked about how Michigan is a good school for me to go to because academics are important and graduating from there would mean a lot in the world today.”

Did this visit move Michigan move up in your eyes or was it about what you expected?

“It was pretty much what I expected, but it also boosted their status because their facilities are excellent and it’s a good time for receivers to come in right now because they are low on numbers.”

Are you ready to name a leader at this point?

“No, I’m not ready to name any leaders. All I can tell you is I liked it a lot.”

What’s your remaining visit schedule?

“I visit Maryland unofficially next weekend. Then I have two official left, which are Florida (Jan 9-11) and Pittsburgh (Jan 23-25).”

So you’ll probably decide on signing day?

“Maybe. I might also go ahead and decide in the middle of January after my Florida visit.”

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