"We're shooting for Brett to decide next week."

So said the father of Kansas City, Mo. offensive lineman <b>Brett Gallimore</b> to GBW this Wed. evening.

The father of Brett Gallimore (Nov. 22 official visit, 6-5, 290 lbs., 5.1 in the 40, 300-lb. bench press, 2.6 GPA) from Riverside, Mo., Park Hill South confirmed to us that:

"It's down to Florida State and Michigan."

We heard your Michigan in-home visit had to be cancelled?

"Coach Carr was supposed to come into our home last Wednesday, but he called and said he'd come down with the flu. He sounded pretty bad -- I know what he felt like, I had the same thing a couple weeks ago. Of course we've met with Coach Carr several times before. "

Is Coach Carr coming in to see you this week?

"Brett has exams this week, so this week is for book work. Plus the Michigan team leaves for California this weekend I think, so I don't think we'll see Coach Carr before New Years. He might come back and see us in January though ..."

"Coach Bowden was here a week ago today, and the Michigan and Florida State coaches have been calling ever two or three days. But coaches are back to only being able to call once a week now, so things are a little quieter here."

So is Brett just sitting back and weighing things now?

"We actually do have a few questions left for each school. All the football questions have been answered, but we do have some academic questions left in our minds. We'll see how the schools compare in answering the academic questions."

You mentioned Coach Carr coming back in January -- does that mean Brett is going to wait until then to decide?

"We are shooting for Brett to decide next week -- it'll be either next week or right after Christmas."

Gallimore is TheInsiders' #91 prospect.

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