Gallimore's Getting Close

We talked again -- Monday evening -- with the father of Mo. OL <b>Brett Gallimore</b>. Things are progressing ...

We talked again Monday evening with the father of OL Brett Gallimore (Nov. 22 official visit, 6-5, 290 lbs., 5.1 in the 40, 300-lb. bench press, 2.6 GPA) from Riverside, Mo., Park Hill South (Kansas City area).

So what have you guys decided to do?

"I wish I had some news for you, I really do. But Brett's out. And he hasn't told me anything. I told him he's got to tell me something and call the coaches and tell them, but he hasn't yet. Maybe tomorrow."

"To be honest ... I think it'll be Michigan, although I really can't say for sure. But I'm guessing Michigan -- mainly because his recruiter is Andy Moeller. As I've told you all along we really like Coach Moeller. And it helps that he'd be Brett's position coach."

"He really likes his Florida State recruiter as well, but he's their tight end coach ..."

"Also, Andy Moeller told Brett right out, 'I'm honored to recruit you, and I want you to play for me.' No one else has quite done that."

"So it's a real close race between Michigan and Florida State, but I think his relationship with Coach Moeller may make the difference."

Great. Hey, did ESPN get ahold of you after we talked this afternoon and set up a chat?

"Yeah ... thanks. So Brett will announce his choice on Tom Lemming's chat Wednesday noon on He's supposed to call ESPN for an audio too."

Why isn't Brett playing in the US Army All American Game?

"I wanted to get him in the US Army game. It actually was a big goal of Brett's to do that. But I goofed that one up when I was traveling. Tom Lemming had called and left a message asking if Brett wanted to be in the game, but I didn't call him back. Tom told me, 'I wanted to get him in the game but I didn't hear from you.' So Brett is the offensive line alternate for the East team."

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