Malik Hairston Talks About Michigan

Malik Hairston and the rest of the Detroit Renaissance team unoffically visited Michigan for the game this past weekend. I caught up with him recently to get the latest.

I saw Malik Hairston at the Central Michigan game this weekend for the first time since he popped up at a Romulus open gym in late October. At that time he said that he wouldn’t be making his decision for quite a while. I decided to check back in with him after his unofficial visit Saturday to see where things stood. Below are excerpts from my conversation with the talented wing player. Though it has already been addressed many times before, he answers once and for all the question of whether he and Renaissance teammate Joe Crawford might decide to play together at Michigan.

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Refresh our readers on what schools are left on your list and if you have visited them all?

UCLA, Kansas, Michigan and Ohio State are the final schools. I’ve visited UCLA, Kansas, and Ohio State officially and Michigan unofficially. I didn’t have to use an official on Michigan because they are right in my backyard. I know the team and I know the coaching staff.”

After taking those visits and having time to think about it, do you think you’d feel as comfortable heading a great distance away from home as you would going to Michigan or Ohio State?

“If it was the best situation, most definitely.”

Have you determined a leader amongst your final list of schools yet?

“No I haven’t.”

Was there any particular school that stood out more than the others did?

“They were all great visits in their own right. None of them really stuck out more than the others. All had their positives and all had their negatives.”

Have you set a timetable for your decision yet?

“No, I still don’t have a timetable.”

Are you paying close attention to how the teams on your list are playing, and will that play a role in your final decision?

“Without a doubt. I’m watching all of these teams. I’m watching how I would fit in and seeing what kind of role I would play.”

What have been your impressions of Michigan?

“Michigan has a good team, but I’m not necessarily seeing how I would fit in that well with all of the guard play that they have.”

So, if hypothetically Joe Crawford were to re-commit to Michigan…

“I wouldn’t look at them.”

Michigan will be playing UCLA this weekend. Will you be back in the house?

“Yeah, I’ll definitely be at that game.”


GBW will check back in with Malik at one of is games in the near future.

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