"No Comment" replied Lloyd

Michigan Broadcasting Legend Tom Hemingway discusses the Michigan State game's officiating and reveals that home field advantage in clock management is nothing new.

The dust seems to have finally settled, the bones picked clean and the final post mortems given--- but if any definite conclusions can be drawn from last Saturday's donnybrook in East Lansing, I admit I haven't discovered them.  As far as I can tell the prevailing attitudes have pretty well boiled down to these...
    "We wuz robbed,"  UM fans.
    "You turkeys got what you deserved."  MSU fans.
    "The finest officiating I have ever seen," Bobby Williams, MSU coach.
    "No comment," Lloyd Carr, UM coach.
          Now keep in mind that broadcasting Big 10 football games for  almost 40 years did make me an expert in three areas.
    1.  Where the best resturants were in Iowa City, Minneapolis, etc...
    2.  What resturants to avoid in Iowa City, Minneapolis, etc...
    3.  How to write creative expense accounts. (This is by far the most important.)
         You will notice that none of the above include an expertise in evaluating Big 10 officials.  So any thoughts on what constitutes a well officiated game on my part are strictly subjective.  And since most of us have a vested interest  while watching a game, we are seldom neutral when it comes to the calls.  I'm no different in that department except now I can scream at the TV set when I see what I consider to be a moronic call while Tom Slade and I had to be a little more circumspect in the booth.  (At least we tried to be).   I do know this however.  Tom and I always considered two crews to be head and shoulders above their bretheren...those of David Witvoet and Dick Honig.  Unfortunately  since Dick is a UM graduate he is never allowed to officiate any of the Wolverine games which means we always felt if  Witvoet wasn't there with his crew, you took your chances.  Again, this is strictly our opinion and a completely unscientific one.  But there you are. 
        One final thought on the subject before moving on.  Some of you know that I had a stint as a broadcaster for the Detroit Pistons during the 1970's in addition to my work with Michigan Radio.  One of the earliest bits of key information was given to me by of one of the most flamboyant characters in the game, Butch VanBredaKoff.  Prior to a game in Baltimore against the Bullets, Butch and I were walking into the arena together when he stopped and pointed up to the scoreboard.
        "See that clock?" he rasped.   
        "Yeah, what about it?, I replied.
        "Well, if the game comes down to the final seconds and the Bullets are ahead you're going to swear it moves two seconds at a time.  But if we're ahead it may take a minute to run off 10 seconds.  The timer is a genius at it.  He's the best in the NBA." Butch cackled.
        He was absolutely correct.  The Bullets beat the Pistons on a bucket at the buzzer after taking the ball out of bounds at half court with one second on the clock. 
        Did anyone get a good look at the timer at Spartan Stadum Saturday?
That wasn't an Oriole baseball cap he was wearing was it?

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