Army All Star Update: West Team

<p>Coach <b>Carl Dustafson</b> and players discuss the practices through day 3 and identify the standout players thus far. Players of note mentioned are <strong>Cameron Colvin</strong>, <strong>Alan Branch</strong>, <strong>Adrian Arrington</strong>, and more!</p>

One thing that has become very apparent in conversations with the coaches for the 4th annual Army All Star game is that all of them appreciate the opportunity. That certainly can be said of the West Squad’s head coach, Carl Dustafson. Dustafson, currently the coach at Winston Churchill High School right here in San Antonio, has been blown away by the whole experience. “Things have been going great,” Dustafson said. “This has just been a blast!” Much like Coach Palko, Coach Dustafson has been taken aback by the unselfishness of the players. “These kids just have great attitudes,” Dustafson said. “You would think that with all of these big time guys in one game that there would be a lot of egos present. Nothing could be further from the truth! As a matter of fact, even though it’s only the third day, we’re already establishing a team identity. We are really starting to gel because all of the players are working hard and we’re playing as a team. We are going to be running a wide open offense with one back…so it isn’t easy. But we’ve taken big steps the last couple of days and that’s a credit to these kids.”

With the linebacker unit that the East team has, running a one back offense doesn’t sound like such a bad idea. When you have a back like Adrian Peterson, it sounds even better. “Adrian is just a special kid,” Dustafson said. “He can run you over or run around you. He has great acceleration, great balance, and makes tremendous cuts. The kid is darn near unstoppable.” Acclaim like that is commonplace for the nations #1 running back. It has also been fairly common for Cameron Colvin to be spoken that highly as well.

“Cameron is spectacular,” Dustafson exclaimed! I want to take that kid home with me! There isn’t anything he can’t do. It seems like he does something special every practice. Everyone knows he has great speed, but what they might not know is he runs crisp routes. That kid makes OUTSTANDING cuts, and his acceleration out of the cuts can’t be matched! Add to that his great hands, good size, and tremendous leaping ability and you have everything you could ever want in a receiver.” That’s strong praise for one of the nation’s top prospects and arguably it’s top receiver. However, the praise was just as strong for another receiver after his performance in yesterday’s practice.”

Adrian Arrington had the best day of any receiver today,” Dustafson said. “He has really picked it up the last two days. What sets him apart from others is his ability to really go up and get the ball along with his outstanding hands. Depending on our opening package, he and Cameron will be amongst the starters at receiver.”

Though it my come as a surprise to many, another player that will be worked in at receiver is Jakouri Williams. “Obviously Adrian Peterson is going to be our starter at running back,” Dustafson said. “We also want to work some other guys in there…and with us running a one-back set, it helps that we can use Jakouri in other ways. He’s a very versatile kid and his ability allows for us to split him out. He has very good speed, good hands, and with his running back skills he has the ability to run after the catch. As a coach you like it when you see great athletes that aren’t limited to a few things. You love to see kids that can do lots of different things…and Jakouri is one of them!”

Though much of the discussion was dedicated to offensive players, Coach Dustafson did take a little time to talk defense. One player merited special mention in the time remaining. It was none other than New Mexico’s Alan Branch. “Alan is as talented a defensive linemen as I have ever seen,” exclaimed Dustafson! The coach had even more to say about this athletic phenom in our forthcoming report!

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