Army All Star Update: Tim Jamison

<strong>Tim Jamison</strong> has been one of the most talked about players in the east practices thus far. GBW chatted with a few other team members and Tim himself about how things have been going for the Chicago area DE through day 3. Jamison also discusses his visit plans.

The talent that Tim Jamison possesses has often gone overlooked. For quite some time Tom Beaver has heard from his good friend Tom Lemming that Jamison is one of the top…if not THE top player in the entire Midwest. It seems as though Jamison’s teammates and coaches on the East squad are starting to agree with the man that chose the teams. “Tim Jamison is UNBELIEVEABLE,” East head coach Bob Palko exclaimed. “That kid is so good it’s scary. You wouldn’t know it looking at him without the pads on, but once he suits up, he’s a monster! And boy does he hit like a ton of bricks! That kid is just plain relentless! Frequently during these practices he has just simply been unblockable. We’ve literally had to call plays away from his side when he’s in there. He’s been THAT good!”

Michigan commitment Jeremy Ciulla has had the opportunity to square off with Jamison numerous times during practices and he echoes his coach’s sentiments. “Jamison is the best player I’ve gone against here,” Ciulla said. He’s just so quick off of the edge that it’s hard to get a block on him…and when you do he’s really strong. That kid is really really good. He has been the most impressive player I’ve seen. He may not be very big, but he’s the toughest guy to handle here.”

The major question in Jamison’s recruitment has been his academic status. He informed GBW that he is still awaiting his December test results. He also indicated that he would indeed be visiting Michigan on January 9th (as will Jeremy Ciulla). When prompted for a leader he simply said, “they’re all equal right now.”

“I’ve only visited Wisconsin so far. After my Michigan visit, I have Michigan State on the 16th. Both Purdue and Iowa have me scheduled for the 23rd, but I don’t know which one of those I will visit.”

Stay tuned to GBW for more updates on Jamison.

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