Redux: U-M Commit Jamison Dominates Army Game

Ill. DE <b>Tim Jamison</b> was arguably the top player in the U.S. Army All American game!<br><br> Here is Sam Webb's photo shoot of Jamison making one of his lightning sacks in the game!<br><br> Also, we talked to East Coach Bob Palko about Jamison -- here is his scouting report on Tim as well.

Defensive end Tim Jamison (Jan. 9 Michigan visit, 6-3, 225 lbs., 4.6 in the 40) from Harvey Thornton, Illinois was in the West's backfield all day! Here's a typical example.

Jamison (#97) attacks the corner!

Bam! Jamison sack!

Tim Jamison finished 2nd in the MVP voting for the US Army game.

For the pre-game scouting report on Jamison by East Head Coach Palko, click here:
GBW with Coach Palko

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