11/4/01 College Football Poll 11/4/01 College Football Poll

SEATTLE -  One. It's the number of weeks the Miami Hurricanes had to share
the top of Top 25 College Football Poll with Nebraska. Now
it's the measure of their razor-thin margin over the Cornhuskers.

The 7-0 Hurricanes, 38-0 victors over Temple on Saturday, are back on top by
their lonesome, outpolling the 10-0 Cornhuskers 269 points to 268.

Meanwhile, it's raining cats and dawgs (Washington State Cougars and
Washington Huskies), and of course Ducks (Oregon), as the Pacific Northwest
continued to invade the poll's Top 10. Oregon (8-1) moved up a notch to No.
7, as the Huskies (7-1) moved to No. 8 after knocking off previous No. 10
Stanford and the Cougars (8-1) bounced UCLA, which last week was ranked No.

Michigan (6-2) take a tumble from No. 6 to No. 12 after a 26-24 upset loss
to rival Michigan State.

Colorado (7-2), the aforementioned Spartans (5-2) and Boston (6-2) moved
into the rankings, while Texas A&M, Mississippi and North Carolina dropped
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Nov. 4, 2001 Poll

1.  Miami             

2. Nebraska        

3. Oklahoma

4. Florida

5. Texas

6. Tennessee

7. Oregon

8. Washington

9. Brigham Young

10. Wash. State

11. Maryland

12. Michigan

13. Florida State

14. Illinois

15. UCLA

16. Stanford

17. South Carolina

18. Georgia Tech

19. Syracuse

20. Georgia

21. Colorado

22. Virginia Tech

23. Michigan State

24. Boston College

25. Purdue

Others receiving votes: Auburn, Louisville, fresno State, Texas A & M, North Carolina, Texas Tech, Oregon State

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