Branch Huge in US Army Game

Michigan's newest commitment, N. Mex. DL <b>Alan Branch</b>, is the biggest high school defensive end we've ever seen at 6-6, 300+ lbs. When the game was on the line in the US Army game, Branch was out there full-time for the West, at D-end -- and he was a HUGE force to be reckoned with!<br><br> Here is Sam Webb's photo shoot of Branch in US Army game-action!

Going in to the US Army game practices, there was scepticism expressed about whether Alan Branch (6-6, 300+ lbs.,) from Albuquerque, N. Mex., could move well enough at his size to actually play defensive end (we at GBW knew better because we'd watched him wow observers at TE at last year's junior combine). But he definitely laid those concerns to rest in the game. During the first half Branch played about half the snaps, as did most of the players on both teams. But in the second half, when the West team got into serious jepardy and the best players were left on the field, Branch was out there. And he put some serious heat on the West QB's!

Listening to coaching instructions.

Branch (foreground right, in white) taking on U-M commitment Jeremy Ciulla (in black).

Taking on Ind. TE Ryan Baker.

Looking scary! Taking on Xavier Lee. (who played part-time as a WR).

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